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American MilSim

CH6 Tac Challenge

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Do you have what it takes to rise to the top!
Test your shooting and athletic abilities against other players on a fast-paced, multi target tactical course to see who takes home the top prize.
$900.00 in prizes

Custom plaques for the top three competitors
Timed and scored by two idpa certified range safety officers
Modified IDPA and International Tactical Games rulesets will be used to score competitors.

Player Requirements:
•    Must be able to sprint short distances.
•    Must be able to jump and or climb over large objects.
•    Must be able to lift, drag and or carry up to 100lbs.
•    Must be able to carry up to 25lbs on their person.

Required Equipment:

•    We do not specify the clothing or footwear a competitor chooses to wear. We highly encourage rugged footwear and clothing to protect the competitors as they move through the scenarios. During most scenarios, competitors will be wearing plate carriers, pistol belt, and rifle with sling.
All plate carriers will have weight added by an RSO before the scenario starts.
•    Men’s plate carriers will have 12lbs of weight added.
•    Women’s plate carriers will have 8lbs weight added

•    AR, SMG and Bullpup platforms are allowed
•    Red Dot Sights are allowed on the rifle. EOTech, Aimpoint, etc. are allowed.
•    NO magnification is allowed. Nothing in front of or behind the optic that magnifies the view is allowed.
•    An athlete can run whatever “furniture” on the gun he/she wishes. Hand guards, foregrips, Lasers, etc. A weapon light is required.
•    Slings on the weapons are required. The amount of equipment an athlete carries, walls climbed, tunnels crawled through, and obstacles negotiated, require that an athlete have a sling on their weapon.  We recommend a two-point sling.

•    Generally, a stock pistol is required.
•    Green gas and CO2 pistols are allowed.
•    Red dot sights, electronic sights and holographic sights are allowed on pistols.
•    Fiber Optic sights are allowed.
•    A mounted flashlight is allowed.
•    Flared magazine wells are acceptable.

•    Players will be given a 200rd speed loader of their selected weight BB. Players must load magazines in front of an RSO.
Bring 3 rifle magazines and 2 pistol magazines

***Miscellaneous Required Equipment***
•    Ansi rated full seal eye ware

***Highly Recommend Equipment***
Hearing protection

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