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A quick introduction of myself;

My name is Dave, I’m 40 something and I’m from the middle of northern Illinois in what’s known as the Sauk Valley area or the river valley. I served in the US Army from 1995 to 2003 as a 92G20 & 88M10 as an E-5 Sgt.


Now that the quick introduction is over the long end of the post begins.

I’ve been looking over the American Milsim website for over a year now, just keeping an eye on things to see how this league progresses. Although I see room for improvement, mostly on the website side of things, I see a strong future for the American Milsim here in the US as the sport continues to grow.


One of the things that caught my attention most was the “in character” aspect of American Milsim, I’ve enjoyed table top role playing as a kid and young adult and the idea of combining the two is too much to resist now especially with the newly added La Losa cartel!


I chose the user name Ста́рший пра́порщик because it means Chief Warrant Officer, or Senior Ensign in the current day Russian Federation. Going off the story line of the LALOSA I’ve built a “Character” that I look forward to playing during the 2020 American Milsim season.


I’m taking the idea and running with it, role playing as a Russian black op agent entrenched with the La Losa Cartel. The idea of being the X factor between the warring factions of the United Federal States and the Coalition of Sovereign Territories intrigues me. So my “character” or my American Milsim persona, takes great joy in destabilizing the former American empire and ensuring that the warring factions remain hostile among one and other through whatever anarchy I (My character) can muster up, and it’s all funded by his secret Russian Military connections.


I know, I’m a total nerd and a complete geek, but what the hell… this is gonna be fun.


So let’s fire up the propaganda machine and watch the covert war heat up!

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