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We are always trying to IMPROVE AMS events while at the same time changing things up, sometime it's a hit and sometime it's a dud, but we are always trying to evolve and improve.


That being said, let us know about check-in, vendor row, activities, AO, PoVs, HELO and the event.


Please no bitching, whining or crying, constructive criticisms appreciated.

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My team and I had a great time! We played COST and felt that our leadership was great, communicated well and made sure everyone hydrated. I would have loved a T-shirt but no biggie. We did feel that the initial field position favored UFS, but also understand that was the intent. And Sunday the change in field position was welcome! I played Broken Home 7 and it was HOT.... lots of heat cats! this year was much better; I know having it on Memorial Day meant a lot of guys couldn't come but I certainly appreciated the lower temperatures. Maybe there's a time next year near Memorial Day that would work? Honestly I don't know of anything major I would change. It was our first time operating a gun truck... I think WE would like some constructive criticism! 

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