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DAT Gunporn thread - Show your Replica

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UTG L96 base


-Angel Custom Cylinder Set (includes)
---Teflon coated Cylinder
---Aluminum Piston with two guide rings
---9mm Spring guide with bearings
---A rather well designed (or copied) cylinder head
---Sp170 spring (not used)

-Laylax sp170 spring
-Guarder APS-2 Piston Head
-PDI Maruzen L96 Hop-Up chamber
-Prommy 550mm 6.03 Tightbore cut to 500mm
-Guarder 70% Bucking
-Metal Trigger Box
-Extra Sears for Trigger box
-Rubber Dampener on Cylinder Head
-Electrical Tape centering rings
-Threading tape(Teflon Tape) mods to bucking, cylinder, anywhere that has threads.

-Tons and tons of time tuning


Centerpoint 4-16x42mm Scope - Red/Green Illumination
2x CCW Thread adapters
Winchester Spring loaded Bipod
M82 Style Flash Hider
King Arms 200x40mm Suppressor
Custom Paint

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My main blaster. Systema PTW, shoots like a dream!


Current setup:




But can also set it up to look like this.




And a Cyma RPK tuned to just under 500 fps for international games(Berget/Border War).


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The Ak is the most recent bit of work, a Frankenstein of 6 different ak's.

Gearbox is a stock CYMA 028

Inner barrel and hop up are stock JG's, I forget the model.

Motor and selector parts comes from a different JG.

Lower receiver, stock, outer barrel,gasblock, front sight and muzzle come from the CYMA.

Upper receiver, front grip and rails, and pistol grip come from an unknown ak.

And the bolt cover comes from the first airsoft gun I ever owned a crossman pulse 76.( also the only thing left of it that haven't been broken or trashed)


The P90 is my baby. It started as a JG KS90. But now...

The body is Tokyo Marui, the receiver is the JG's.

The gearbox shell is the JG but almost everything inside is Matrix shs upgrade parts, exception to the air nozzle and tappet plate are... Well hell I can't remember the brand... There polycarb and were kinda pricey.

The inner barrel is a matrix Prometheus 6.03. Hop up the Angel custom cnc.

Finally the but plate is angel custom.


The shotgun just happened to be in the picture. It has no modifications. Except for the engraving.

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I've been meaning to post this one for a while. Introducing project DAMOCLES. Though most who've seen it refer to it as the Han Solo pistol. This has been one of my favorite projects despite all the grief it's caused me(this is the m4 I mentioned in my "sticky trigger issues" thread)


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Ha-ha! I'm sorry that looks nothing like a DL-44. For those of you who went to ESR-19 this last weekend may have gotten a good look at my DL-44.


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Well it's what everyone else calls it. I've always thought it looked more like a Mauser.

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Han Solos blaster is a DL-44. Although through the series of the movies it has had many changes and variations. Luke also uses a DL-44 although his and Hans never look the same. 

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It's meant to work not look good but i still love my ugly duckling, so she's a clasic army ca4a1 with a custom stockjob a survival braclet acting as a front sling loop custom graffiti, the tape os there per California law on replica firearms, new bucking and spring for enhanced range as tje internals and Barrel were great right out of the box



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Mlord perhaps hold the camera steady next time you take pictures.  FYI: a scope ring mount costs ~ $5, you can wrap your flashlight in tape if it does not fit properly and screw it to your rail to avoid the zip tie.

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High qual pics, closeup to see how i attached the bracelet, foegot to mention that it's based visually um the. Real steel vltor vis 1 upper, i plan on getting a shit airgun/22 ,2x-3x type scope and use one of the two mounts for the light and use one mount on the scope




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