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DAT Gunporn thread - Show your Replica

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just got my m4 back from upgrades, will try to get better pics soon :)




VFC Avalon M4A1 sopmod

-VFC peq15 vis light/laser




-VFC mp7 suppressor

-ACM Aimpoint T-1 micro

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A few pics a took of my workhorse custom G36 newly airbrushed. This is my first aeg, and it began its life a CA G36C. Inspired by some German KSK pics, but with an SD twist. ;)



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Currently running this as my primary its an ugly little pig but it gets the job done.


Magpul AFG, Trigger Guard and CTR Stock.


Sight Mark Red Dot, and Replica folding Troy Sights.


Noveske Fire Pig.




Custom length cut Madbull 6.03 tightbore


ICS Piston


Madbull Blue Hop up with Shredder Nub


AMP Tactical Motor


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I cant seen to upload pictures.. So, I'll just list.


VFC SCAR-L, VFC Mk18, TM Mp5K, G&P M4,TM AUG, Magpul Masada, Thompson, TM Famas (Real old school), G&G AK-47, A&K M60, Asahi M60e4 STD, M4 Masterkey, G&P M4SF, and my Shrike! :)


Pistols: TM G17 3rd Gen, Tanaka .454 Casull, Socom Gear 1911.

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KWA SR7. she hurts people.

Her name's Vera. she's my very favorite gun

Firefly Quote. Very Nice.


Earlier today I finished body work on my AK74 and AK74u.

I redid the stain on the wood, sped up the wear and tear on the body, and added some paracord, added some old style AK slings and removed the orange tip on the 74.


I used dark walnut stain.

The 74u grip came out to bright. To remedy this I pulled out a blow torch and lit it on fire.

I feel they both turned out very nice.

(Sorry about pic size the resize thing didn't work)



Grips Close-up


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Hey guys just thought I would share a little update as well as ask a question.


Added a new handguard, and new pistol grip. Hoping to get the front triangle sight cut off to make way for the front flip up MBUS, and gonna get some more of the rail covers.




But my question to you all is, does anyone know what handguard this is? I got it off of a teammate, and it came with a KWA he bought second hand. He was told it was a custom built M4 from a retailer...and that the handguard was made by madbull....any ideas?

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Figured I'd throw a couple up here.


Top: Maruzen L96, Fully PDI'd out internally with a Laylax zero trigger and PDI hopup unit. Prommy barrel. Shooting just over 500fps.


Middle: Javelin M24, Also PDI'd out internally with a PDI hopup unit and a G&G TBB. Shooting 445 over 5 shot average(built to spec for AMS's bolt action DMR rule...)


Bottom: SPR MOD0, Internals are currently all over my workbench... she's getting a tune-up and a new gearbox shell after the 4 year old one blew up on me earlier this year. Shot 442 over 5 shot average and has all the DMR goodness upgrades.




Lastly, my ICS CXP. This thing is my baby... 2 upper gearboxes(one tuned for 400fps and the other 340fps).



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