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First Mil-sim packlist

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Jacob R. Holinsworth

Jacob R. Holinsworth

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Planning on attending first mil-sim (Broken Home 8 as E-10 rifleman). I can't find a solid mostly inclusive pack list anywhere. Maybe I'm not looking in the right place. I just don't want to drive 5 hours and forget something essential, and be turned away or something. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.



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Hello fellow Kansan.


First of all, I can't imagine a scenario where you are turned away at the door.  The event coordinators are some great people, they'll do their best to take care of you if stuff goes sideways.  I guess the biggest thing you can do to prevent issues is to chrono your gun(s) before you arrive.


As for a packing list, besides obviously all of your regular airsoft gear and camping equipment, you should add the following to your kit if you haven't already:


Programmable radio

Good boots (lots of granite on site, its really hard on your footwear/feet)

Backup batteries for everything

Make sure you can carry water on your person.  It gets brutally hot most years, and you don't want to spend your weekend in the hospital on a saline drip.


It really doesn't need to be any more complicated than that!  Once the roster is released, get in contact with your command structure and link up with the rest of your unit.


Hope you have a good first Broken Home my dude.

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As Zone said, be sure to bring plenty of water! Also, bring permethrin bug spray, the sawlyers brand from Walmart works great. Sunscreen is a must in that brutal sun, if you get too sunburnt your gonna have a rough time. Be sure to hydrate, if you haven’t already, start. I’m not telling you how to run your kit but out there less is more. I remember my first milsims I wanted to run all my tacticool equipment, but over the years I’ve found that less is more. If it’s not necessary I’d try to leave it at the truck. Bring plenty of socks and a good pair of boots as stated above. Bring snacks to have out there on the field to where you can rest and gain some energy. This AO is brutal and will kick your butt. So any cardio training you can do between now and then will only help. As for other stuff to bring, it’s just personal preference. There will be campsites there, you can pay for electric or do without, there are two sets of bathrooms and showers out there, I’d recommend using the showers because that sulphur water is gonna help with the bugs. Most importantly be prepared to have fun. You might bring a rain suit (faction color approved) because you never know what the Oklahoma weather is gonna do. If you forget something that you needed there will be plenty of vendors on site and there’s a Walmart roughly 30 minutes from the AO. Good luck and have fun! See you there!



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You think you need all the crazy stuff but pack for a Day game but with more water and food. I’m cdf this event I’m I’m just running my shooters belt and a pack. Start drinking water now try to get about a gallon a day. And cut soda.

Almost of the witchita Kansas guys will be there at the church if you want to stop by and say hi.
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Stay light for sure, water is the ABSOLUTE must. Do not over pack or over do your means. Bring a pack to the FOB with the extra stuff you think you may need. Battery, BB's, shirt, socks, ect. It will be safe and easier to have local than to try and carry over this AO. This AO wil i promise "break" you. Good boots/shoes... My extra is the Flee/tick cat or dog collars....cut a small piece out and put in you laces. 

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