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What did we just do?

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Driving back home from RDG 17 (it was a blast!) and after 13 events with AMS I don't see myself slowing down anytime soon but I feel like something may be missing. One thing that always comes up in discussion on the ride back home is "what did we do?"


I get that there is no "winners/losers" and the the overall AMS storyline is is still being fleshed out but is there any reason why there's not official AARs that break down what specific objectives each faction was taken with, how many of said objectives were completed, who completed, etc? Maybe these do exist and I haven't dug into the forums enough but I have to think having this front and center shortly after an op would only help the masses have a better understanding of exactly what we did over the weekend.

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What I can tell you... as a Coalition Combat Controller -- CoST were able to set up all of their ATLAS array systems, DL I believe 5 of the 6 servers (maybe all because Rick DL'd some as well) and I am not sure on ID/UV Location Markers - I know we got quite a few there should have been 10 QRs and 10 UVs..


I know that UFS had recovered ALL of the CoST weapons Caches (10 in all I believe), I believe they DL'd ALL of the Data Nodes, but I'd have to check the time stamp to see if they were able to DL before we encrypted the data. I don't believe they ever dismantled any of the Arrays. I am not sure on CP totals for either faction or Location markers for UFS.


At ENDEX UFS had partial control of the Boaz city center.

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