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Medic rules in OPORD

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UPDATE: I replied to the OPORD email to ask about this, and got a response saying this is not going to be used, and to disregard its mention in the OPORD.


According to the UFS OPORD, medics are going to have a tube with a dice in it, and are required to use it to determine if a wounded player can be revived, so there is a mortality rate. Is this being done on a trial basis for this event, or is this a permananet change? It is a bad idea, both from a gameplay point of view and a realism point of view.


From a gameplay perspective, this weakens the ability of honest players to be revived in the field, and has no effect on dishonest players (since bandage application and removal can be observed from a great distance, wheras dice rolls are unverifiable to staff and players more than a few feet away).


From a realism perspective, this is nonsense. Most hits I have seen in airsoft are not vital areas, so while a limit on the number of medic heals makes sense (cumulative loss of blood), introducing a significant (33.3%) possibility that one hit to the hand or foot, with prompt medical attention, is fatal, makes no sense.

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