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When will we see non lethal marker rounds in sport applications?

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when will we have "marker projectiles" for REAL firearms in sport application?
Very excited about the future of this sport Style with the Advent of less expensive and more effective marker rounds for real firearms that require the use of a couple simple inexpensive modifications..

when do you think we will see this organized into an actual sport that civilians have an opportunity to take part in?




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I would rather not get hit by a UTM thank you very much. One the pain imagine a kid getting hit with one. You would have to have whole new head protection that is expensive and the price per round is more that actual ammo
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Yes of course the price is high at the moment but once it gets into the civilian market hands it should come down rapidly with mass manufacturer and the like..

if you watch the videos the guys that are shooting each other with the rounds suggest they hurt less than Airsoft which is pretty much a negligible amount of pain anyway. My opinion is if you're worried about pain you shouldn't be involved in any of these activities anyway.

Good point about kids however we do let kids do things like motorsports/downhill ski, spearfishing that kind of thing so in my opinion this wouldn't be much more dangerous.

It would be critical to have on a whole new level of protective equipment like riot gear at the very minimum




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Never, the price is too $$, in fact, I've talked to many train facilities that have flipped their OPFORs to BBs rather then UTM/SIMs because of price.

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Sim rounds hurt like a mother trucker. I'd rather stick with BBs and toy guns.

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