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Federal Force Handed Solid Defeat in Oklahoma

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Federal Force Handed Solid Defeat in Oklahoma

Wes Mantooth - FNN


Federal forces were handed a solid defeat in Northeast Oklahoma by the Coalition forces.  CoST planners took a decisive advantage of the recent Federal offensive in the Pacific State with a massive counter-offensive into the Midwest territories.


Federal forces were outnumbered nearly 2:1 and had little chance to repel the Coalition advance. However, being at such a numeric disadvantage, UFS special forces were able to penetrate Coalition lines time and time again, wreaking havoc on CoST supply lines and rear echelon positions. Unfortunately for Federal command, these harassment tactics were unable to buy the much-needed time required for reinforcements to help stem the flood of Coalition forces.


In a valiant last-ditch effort, Federal forces mobilized the last of their mechanized infantry to “punch†a hole through the Coalition line to secure a route and demolish the last remaining heavy vehicle crossing over the Spring River.


However, Coalition forces in superior and entrenched defensive positions, quickly dispatched the mechanized column with overwhelming firepower and anti-vehicle weapons. 


Unable to stall the Coalition progress remaining, Federal command issued a tactical fighting retreat to consolidate forces outside the active battlespace. Currently CoST forces are headed into the Midwest territories along multiple routes I35, I29 and I70 towards Illinois and Wisconsin to fill the current security vacuum left from the Federal advance into the Pacific West.


To date, this is the most overwhelming Coalition victory.  Federal planners worry that Public opinion is wearing thin on this now seven-year civil war and are looking to sue for peace rather than spend more treasure and blood for what is seen as an endless endeavor.



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