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Broken Home 7 AAR

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UFS TOC Common Operating Picture



My $0.02 AAR:

1) UFS leadership were able to push out to the front and help direct forces without getting bogged down in the TOC.  Everyone meshed well and there was no bickering or self-stroking.  We all had a job to do and did it.
2) OE254 antenna + base station was a HUGE help.  The last time we had comms that good was when Hack set up repeaters (BH3/4?).
3) I liked the air drop simulation.  Instead of getting dumped near the UFS FOB, I got dropped by V2.  It was fun having to be in the fight for a while and actually migrating to the UFS FOB instead of rolling up in my truck Saturday morning and setting up shop.
4) Great assets were available, thanks especially the Brigade truck team.
5) I noticed several players stepping up and taking over leadership positions due to heatcas or other reasons.  Next generation of UFS leadership is stepping up!
6) Ridiculous amount of water was available at the FOB, so kudos to those who contributed!  Placing it in the sun was an poor choice (seriously... why was the TOC in the direct sun?), but Rick came through with some tarps and we made our own shade.


A) We lost a lot of players due to heat casualties.  If you are a new player or not in the best shape I would advise against wearing a plate carrier - they trap a lot of heat and will not serve you well.  You don't need 20 pound assault bags either - make sure you take the environment into consideration before planning your kit.
B ) Because I was asked close to the game to assist I missed out on some valuable command meetings.  I assumed (whoops) that everyone had it in the bag and would just show up and roll with it.  Bad idea.
C) No prior coordination between S2 shop and UAS (btw, those kits were cool as hell and I want one!)
D) No communication or coordination between S2 shop and the scout/raiders.  That was very disappointing and does not reflect milsim.
E) Usual SNAFUs with game planning - delayed pickup at startex, occasional lack of information from control, loss of direction at endex.
F) Why didn't we do an AAR after endex with all the leadership and staff?  Â¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Limited scope for the main player body, but hopefully the map is interesting.

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Dave, your map and comments make me smile and I think you know why. As for the AAR posted at the top, I am not sure who you are but I will say that you can blame your FOB placement on Rick choosing it to be there. I agree with the sun issue as well as I believe it firmly removed a majority of the airfield from play as CoST technically could only move so far north if we decided to because FOB's were not allowed to be attacked and the airfield can provide for some awesome fire fights at time. 


Y'all are welcome for the mines placed at the colleville cross roads and pegasus cross roads :) Also sorry that we blew up your SAM sight, y'all should really patrol the north end hehehe. Also Dave, come back to the dark side. 

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DirtPro has been around for a long time and comes out to assist me and do his own thing.

I really liked the placement of the FOB on the north airfield.  Not putting it at the bottom of the hill certainly avoided further heat casualties.  The actual tent itself could have been placed in the woods, but, oh well.


RE: SAM site - hard enough keeping people in the fight than to worry about some pointless objective on the opposite side of the action.  If it hadn't been for the boredom of the COST Recon dudes I don't think anyone would have cared enough to have gone to see it. Glad you brought that up though.  Having objectives for the sake of something to do doesn't expand the game play, IMO. 

RE: playing on COST - I volunteered to work for COST this year but it didn't go anywhere.  Rick called and asked me to help out with UFS and explained their situation, so I'm glad I went that route.  DP and I ended up functioning primarily as RTOs for UFS command - not what I signed up for, but if it helps the rest of the command team out then that's what we'll do.  We did have PLs/players come through and ask for SITREPs, so that was helpful.  

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I had a great time this year. This was my 2nd Broken Home event and I had a blast. Being one of the POV operators it was my first time doing that as well. Most of the weekend was spent running around dropping off water and changing flag stations. Doing a few drive-by shootings as well. I did have a questions regarding the flag stations. Was it required to change just the flag or did you have to change the clock as well? I don't remember them going over that in the game briefing.   

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