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Is this considered a Sniper or a LMG?

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Just in case the link doesn't work here is the full name of the rifle 


6mmProShop M82 Gen 2 Custom Long Range Airsoft AEG Sniper Rifle


You can find it in the heavy weapons section or in sniper rifles under 6mmproshop on Evike.

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Looking at the ruleset, this would be problematic to say the least..


1. If by “sniper†you mean the bolt/single action with 100ft MED...then no, it wouldn’t qualify with AMS (it’s not a single action). It’s real-world application is a sniper rifle, so unless AMS changes the rules to allow semi-auto (see point 3 for more on that) sniper rifles...it would be out.


2. It’s for sure it would never come close to a LMG/SSW...no box mag, it’s real world application doesn’t support full-auto and your not going to find anywhere where this would be considered one (airsoft hi-cap mags do not mean a thing).


3. This may be able to used as a DMR if you meet the FPS...if you make it mechanically incapable of full-auto (i.e. putting a set screw on the selector switch) and if your able to get approval to run a hi-cap as an exception due to the type of mag and avalabilty for mid-caps (which I don’t think they make) and if you get approval to run what should be a long-range sniper as a DMR...which in real world application is a conflict.


4. You mag be able to use this a standard rifle if you meet the FPS and get an exception made on the hi-cap mag.


So going strictly by the ruleset...you couldn’t use this without having some sort of exception being made on one thing or another.

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