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A few questions

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I've never attended an American Milsim event and I have a few quick questions about squads,



1. Are Squads required to be a full 12 people or can some smaller squads i.e. 9 people exist?


2. When signing up, how do I ensure or at least make very possible I will be placed with my group of            friends during the event?


3. Could someone layout the command structure of the event and who will be in charge of what groups?


Thank You and I hope to see all of you on the field.

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Hey Lynxcat, welcome to the forums!


1)  Squad size is flexible, and will be determined by faction leadership as we approach the event.


2)  If you are not part of a team, but are attending the event with a group of friends, put down one of your friend's names in the "Team Affiliation" box on the ticket.  If you all list the same person, you should all get placed together.


3)  Command structure will be made public when it is finalized.  When the roster is posted you will be able to see who the Platoon Leaders are, and most if not all of them will begin making efforts to establish contact with the people in their platoons.  Keep an eye on the forums and on your email once the roster goes live.

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You will have a better chance of ending up on the same squad if everyone that registers put the same thing in the team affiliation line.  Its easier to miss an individual person the way that the ticketing system spits out the information.  If everyone puts "unicorn" then they will be placed on the same squad.  Just ask the other guys what they put, you don't actually have to be a member of their team.

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