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OP: Broken Home AAR

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First off, great OP this weekend. Had a lot of fun with everyone involved. The AMS guys are some of the coolest and nicest I've met and they worked their rear off setting up this demanding event. And a BIG thanks to the D-Day owners and crew for one of the most awesome AO's I've had the honor of fighting on. Good job to both UFS and CoSt forces. Now, a few pro's and con's...



1 - Barring equipment malfunctions, there was great communication involved from everyone that needed to use the radios and minimal interference from those who didn't need to. That means chain of command was utilized properly most of the time.


2 - The leadership shown from the CO, PL's, Etc... was amazing. They all did a great job leading the mass of ravenous airsoft players out there.


3 - Hummer with a minigun...nuff said.


4 - Our squad started out a bit on the small side, but before long a few others from UFS fell in with us and bolstered our numbers. Thank you guys, that really helped us out a lot.


5 - At the start of day 2, Army Squad 1-1 found themselves in a trench line just outside of Coleville. As we fell back toward respawn, a unit of CoSt forces pushed up the hillside and wiped us out. Whoever you are, you knew what you were doing and did it well. Just wanted to give a shout out to you guys.



1 - Heat and dust. This was a grueling AO. It took a lot out of both players and equipment. But, this is a milsim event and almost everyone knows to expect these kind of conditions.


2 - Goes hand in hand with number 1. Players pushing themselves too hard. I know that for 2 days this was war but personal health is far more important. A lot of people learned their limits this weekend, me being one of them. I nearly fell out with 5 minutes left in the first evolution. As did some of my squadmates.


3 - Not enough admin's. I heard from multiple sources that there were far too few admins and some things were being missed. This includes lots of zombies(hit shrugging) and spawn flags not getting flipped. When the admins were around, they did an amazing job. But I would have liked to have seen at least one admin per squad, staying with them and keeping a more watchfull eye around Coleville.


4 - Games ending early. I did not like the fact that the games were indexed an hour early each day. That severely impacted the UFS advancement on Coleville each time.


All in all, I had a great time. As did the rest of Allied Forces Airsoft. Hopefully some of them will chime in on this thread with their own highlights of the operation. Thanks again to American Milsim, D-Day Adventure Park, Kastaway Airsoft and all of the players that participated in this event. I hope to see all of you on the field again soon.



Allied Forces Airsoft


Platoon 1

Squad 1

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I guess I'll start this AAR now that I'm semi-recovered and and have everything fresh in my mind from editing video all day yesterday while I recovered.


I'm going to put this in here, so you can get a brief overview of what we were doing before I get into Wall of text mode.





My trip started thursday night, I did a last minute gearcheck after work, going over everything I needed, and running over BearJew's kit and checklist with him over the phone. Once we were assured we had all of our gear, it was a solid nights rest and tons of water. I woke up early friday, organized everything loaded into BearJew's vehicle, and we made a trip down to our local retailer to pick up some last minute supplies. Paracord, MRE's, a mag for my sidearm, and a few bottles of Elite Force bb's. I had decided to try these out at this event, and couldn't have been happier, just for the record. While here, Foehammer met with us, loaded in to the vehicle, and joined us for the ride up. With the Dynamic Juo and the Overly Aggressive Milsim Guy all squared away and good to go, we hit the road.


Our drive should have been 6 hours or so, putting us there about 1600. Speed traps, and crappy traffic put us there closer to 1730, oh well. We set up camp, registered, and had our safety brief, and toured the Kastway shop, where good ol' rick kastner, and mr. Kilroy stole all of my hard earned money at gunpoint... I mean, uh... I bought a bunch of batteries and some patches, got an HSGI taco to try out, and my sexy new MakoTV shirt. We set up camp in our usual spot from last year, with our friends and squadmates in Blackout Militia, and just kind of hung out the rest of the day. Myself and Foe made the rounds to meet our sister squads and platoon leader, and find Sabre 09 I think it was, to get Foe his radio. Then pretty much spent the rest of the day messing around at the camp. Somewhere in here, Wallace from Z-Shot, let me and some of our squad fondle that Cheytac prototype he brought up, and it was pure bliss to shoot, shame I'll never be able to afford it.


I got ZERO sleep that night, partially because we put off setting up our tent til late, and I had to stay up to guide in the last six teammates we had coming in. Midnight Rider Recon's bulk of the squad didn't arrive until anywhere between 2300 and 0200. I didn't fancy sleeping in the open air, and crashed in the car for a few hours before waking up at the asscrack of dawn to gear up, chrono, and go stand around the stage. I maybe had 2 hours of sleep in me, and was recovering from a sinus infection the week before, but wasn't going to quit on my team, or my squad. A good hearty D-day breakfast and a rockstar recovery got me through the morning, and once I'd been up and running around, I ran on pure adrenaline and rage the rest of the day.


You all were there for the briefing, so I'll skip that. We bused in to our position outside Caen, top gave a speech, and my squad spear headed the assault. 1st platoon led the way into Caen, and as one of teh 5 guys in the platoon with knowledge of the AO, we led. Those of you who were there at Caen know, it was brutal, and unrelenting, and the teamwork and cohesion the UFS side showed was impressive, I caught myself stopping to admire the beauty of it all at least twice. We steamrolled Caen, and set up a perimeter. Here, a funny incident happened with one particular civilian getting searched multiple times by every squad he passed on the perimeter, I giggled.


We rested, refitted, rehydrated, and tried to push towards pegasus. Here, we were met by heavy green resistance at a huge valley/ravine/elevation change that was in the middle. we pushed, they pushed, everyone died we pulled back, pushed again, then held for EOD who found a bomb. We moved on Pegasus almost ALL day, and had little to no success. This was the only instance of blatant hit shrugging we saw all day saturday, where two particular players would get hit, do the "ouch" dance, duck, blindfire a bit, then run back a ways, and repeat. it was infuriating. We pulled back to Caen, as it had been retaken, and took it back again. By now, my guys were beat, sleep deprived and worn out. Our RPK had gone down, and bearjew left teh field to fix it. He would be gone for a couple hours fixing it. We rested, dodged the chopper, pulled guard duty, held off a push from what I was told was either M7 or Mako, and basically hung out for an hour or so, and tried to wait out some of the defenses at pegasus. First Platoon had been rocking and rolling all day completing objectives and missions and tasks for top, and were totally strung out. Given our sleep deprivation, 1-3's sprained ankles, just general heat exhaustion all around, we needed the rest. When we refitted, we moved up to take pegasus bridge from the road. We knew from Intel in the field we were clear all the way up to the bridge, and decided to flank it. 1-2, my squad, flanked the smaller side of the bridge and provided overwatch from the buildings while the rest of the platoon laid into the other side with 1-2's buggy of death, AKA the Honey Badger. We held and secured for EOD to blow the bridge, and got another break.


About here, our platoon leader Joker, from AFA, was clearly on his last legs. I didn't personally see it, as I was tending to my guys, but Oddball, Blackout's lead, told me he was puking and just totally beat. I hopped across the bridge to talk to top, get our next set of orders, and have him wait for a second so that Oddball could help him across and get him into the deuce and back to camp. While here, I noticed that another player ran up to find a deuce to pick up to other heat casualties, and Top obliged, we got orders to march on coleville and set up a defensive line. We marched, and headed off towards the right flank to secure.


Here we saw an oppurtunity to move on coleville and advanced, I encountered some dodgy situations where Im pretty sure I was hitting guys, and they were being less than honorable, but I do not have 100% certainty on this, and won't accuse anyone of being a cheater outright. here was where I took my first hit of the game, after SEVERAL close calls, I had a BB skip off the top of my head, and I was done. I was healed up by Ved, our medic, and continued on, where I was killed again, but we were out of bandages, I bled out, radio'd in that I was going off field, and barely made it to pegasus bridge. at this point, I was nursing a torqued ankle, and could barely stand from the pain, and the heat was sapping my energy with a quickness. I drained every bit of water I had, and it still wasn't enough. I was definitely done. We hung out at pegasus and waited for a deuce for a bit, but it never showed up, my teammates were tired as well, concerned for my well being and offered to split the load of my gear. This made it easier to stand and limp, and under my own power, limped my way back through caen to camp. We called it a day here, and spent the rest of the day at camp or at the cafe hydrating and eating. some of our younger or more spry members went off to go play the night game, and I heard nothing but complaints about shrugging and general shenaniganry. I'm kinda glad I skipped out, I always have terrible luck with night games. they are such a pain in the ass the organized and get going, and I simply didn't have the energy. We barely managed to finally get tents set up, and i got a good nights rest while some of the men made a run to walmart for more supplies.


We woke up at dawn again Sunday, and decided that sleeping in was not an option. Enter... the THUNDER B WAKE UP CALL!




After all that was over, more breakfast was had, or maybe breakfast was first, I don't recall, but there was breakfast. and We went into coleville on sunday via pegasus bridge, and marched right back through that damned right flank. Our goal was to try and take the spawn at St. Mere-Eglise, which to my understanding was never acquired. You see, here, I took the only other break from combat I took all game besides the last hour of the coleville assault, and the night game. After being anihilated by green QRF - Good job guys, you kicked ass! - I slipped on a rock face and tried to catch myself and break my fall. All I did was break my left thumb. I couldn't even get a proper grip on my weapon without immense pain. I handed my radio off to BearJew, Informed Joker and Rarebreed I was leaving, and walked off the field with some of the green QRF we just fought. They were swell guys, and it reminds me why I love this sport. It cheered up my mood about my thumb, and the one player I saw blatantly shrugging infront of myself and a pair of MoD's despite a healthy dose of BB's that started at the chest and when I saw he was in full face started inching higher and higher until I was taken out by one of his teammates. I sat out at camp for an hour with my thumb on ice and some pain killers with Albatross, who was too dehydrated to infil with us at start, along with Fro from blackout militia. we cleaned up camp a touch, then Oddball showed up to swap out guns, and emphasized how much help we needed in coleville, that we had lost it and needed to take it back. albatross and I fired up the battery charger, topped off a pair of batteries and switched into some lighter gear. I had a chestrig i bought for last year just incase i needed to ditch my banshee, and donned that loaded down with about 3 hicaps a piece, and rolled out. We linked up with the demon hounds at pegasus, who were MoD's at this game, and they helped us charge into coleville.


In here, I will note that this was another site of grotesque amounts of shrugging and not just on green. I personally pulled one player aside to inform him he was hit, and was hit and killed numerous times myself from guys I had just finished lighting up, only to see them pop back out of the same window. My understanding was we could not use the church if it was contested, I know we were not allowed to when we held it, but green was, and it made the battle incredibly one sided. I also was of the understanding that if you were killed in a building, you were simply dead, but saw at least one medic healing people. attempts to get admins and MoD's on scene proved futile, and i simply changed avenue of attack instead of bashing my head against a wall repeatedly.


I found a building with some PMC/QRF guys and we held that side of the field until just before endex, when one friendly players grenade was determined not to exit the building, and killed all of us. In the end, I believe we did not take coleville sunday, but held the majority of the area around it. I don't know who really did WIN, but I feel like the UFS did its damndest and deserved it from what I saw.



Either way, the real winner was all of us players, for getting tihs experience. Normally logistics and other issues plague an event of this size, I've seen it before, but this event was top notch. The only "negatives" I had were player issues or gear issues, and theres nothing AMS could really do to improve on those. I can't wait for next year, let me know when you want to take my money for it.



The raffle was magnificent, and while I didn't win, one of my squadmates almost did. Foe's ticket was called for something, but the idiot had lost his ticket, poor guy, good luck for the guy they called after though. A big thanks to frosty, JP, and biglar for putting up with my team and sponsor's last minute addition to the raffle, and letting me get up and talk to you guys for a second about our upcoming event, Operation Old Republic, and giving us the oppurtinity to let another milsimmer take home a free ticket. Hopefully we'll see some familiar faces down there as well.



I left happy, and ecstatic and wishing i could have had a few more days of HSLD body slaying, even though theres no way my body could take it.



Thank You American Milsim, for the best damn milsim op I've ever attended. I said it at the raffle, and I meant it, no bs. you guys rock, way to come out of the gate swinging.

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Started off this OP a little wierd with Marines being all the way across the AO with CTAC by themselves. Later heard horror stories about this "mission" and admin tying the marines hands and being forced down a killzone with no other options. This lead to the entire platoon being pulled out and likely frustrated a lot of players and wasted a lot of energy. I have no doubt it boosted the green side's ego though, so I guess there is that bright side. I will leave it to any marines who were there to elaborate and hope the admins never shoebox our forces into a no-win situation like that again.


Anyway, as our 2 army platoons and Spec forces started the game to the south of Caen, suddenly CTAC radioed in that they were being pulled back by order of admins. (another WTF moment) as I realized marines were now down from 80 men to <50 and up against at least two deuceloads and several trucks full of enemy soldiers without any vehicle support, to top it off they are out of communications range with our main forces. But who am I to argue with the admins right? So the game starts and CTAC pushes with the main forces into Caen with a lot of support from our QRF units as well. Initial plans worked well, and we only met light resistance in Caen. However the enemy did push back around and into town several times, stalling our advance getting out of town. We ended up having to clear much of the town over again. Over the next few hours we took a lot of casualties from the civilian militia (and also killed them several times).


The police made our forces really jumpy, but we cleared them for entry into the town and tan was informed to let the police through and continue on their business. Having non-army things going on during the game is really cool, it really adds to the atmosphere of defending a city and keeping an eye on things. Very cool. I got to witness the police checking in an M60 that had been used in a "war crime". I was immediately informed of this as the police were only supposed to be armed with sidearms and some of my keener soldiers in town immediately were on guard when a M60 got pulled out of their SUV.


At some point we gave some cash to some civilians who were trying to get back to their homes and got some vague intel about the forces ahead. Top did not like this much and next time he ran into them he locked them up in jail with the local PD for a while. When I interviewed the civilians in their cells, they were very much more helpful and forthcoming with intel about enemy troops and helping tan out. They gave us some rather specific intel. At the same time the militia came forward and offered to help us out since the green had double crossed them and killed a large portion of their faction. We were slow to trust them so we tasked them with a simple recon mission to verify the intel that the civilians had given us about forces ahead. They used their HMMWV and I sent a member of 1st platoon along with a radio and orders to radio back to me with a report of what they ran into. Quickly learned the civ intel was good and Pegasus bridge was ripe for the taking. Informed command and we were soon on our way pushing hard to the bridge proper. Clearing enemy units out of the woods surrounding the bridge was light work and took less than 45 minutes to set up a perimeter for EOD to do their work on the bridge itself.


The plan was to disarm the current mines/explosives around the bridge and plant our own explosives to blow the bridge if it were to be overrun. To hold the bridge we would receive armor/vehicular support as long as it was open. Unfortunately our crack EOD team managed to blow the bridge prematurely and kill themselves in the process. Safe to call that mission a failure?


By this time many were getting heat issues and a lot of guys were sitting around the bridge resting in the shade and trying to form a force to move out was getting tougher by the moment. We had some units out working the forest to either side and secured the oil rig easily. I am not sure if/how long we held it. By bringing in some crack-shot MoD guys and some help from the QRFs we were able to rally up most of our main forces and start pushing up the road to the edge of Coleville. Mushing most of our unit together for a mass push through town was a cool feeling but I guess a lot of green were already quitting for the day which must have made our job easier than it seemed. (No clue what really happened there) Anyway we had taken about 80% of the town once the game was called off at 1700.


Night OP:

All told it was a cluster ****. Flares looked cool and I wish more people had tracers because they look so bitchin'. Did get a chance to light some greenies up on the NW corner on the road around coleville, its sick when they walk right into your ambush and you hit the flashlight and get that instant deer-in-the-headlights-look and people scatter in all directions. Anyway it was cool to get 4 kills in just a few seconds. Can't say I ever did that before. After sneaking around and doing lots of small sprints from cover to cover, I was sweating so heavily that no amount of anti-fog could help and my fellow marines (there were only 3 of us from NE playing) had to advance on the building without me. I hung back and tried to cool down and defog myself as best I could without actually removing my eyepro. Sorry I lost track of you guys. I switched to my pistol and was able to advance to the cinder block building. I'm not a big fan of CQB and at night even less so. I like my teeth right where they are thanks much. Anyway needless to say I was nervous about entering the building. A kid next to me wanted to hand me his tornado grenade to toss in the enemy 2nd story window. I said I would cover him while he tossed it. I popped off 5 rounds at the light coming from the 2nd story window while he tossed over my head. The nade went out and we hunkered down waiting for the pop which never came. Shortly after the thud of the grenade on the pavement between us told me it had too long a fuse and we didn't cook it off at all. After a brief panic moment and the thought of diving on the grenade to save some kid I didn't know and probably getting completely plastered by enemy BBs in the process, I instead decided to kick the grenade across the floor behind me as I bolted out the back door I had come in. Turns out the grenade was a dud and never went off but man was that a tense few minutes.

Overall close range night games just aren't for me, theres little or no organization, no incentive to adhere to the rules and I probably won't play in a city at night ever again.

I didn't lose any teeth so I am calling the night op a "win".

Thanks to swayze and JP for letting me help watch over the "other" night op happening over at the airfield.. that would have been much more my speed if I had the equipment/team to play with.



Noone could decide how fair it was that we started off so close to caen, so the green start point was moved up, too. We basically got up to the church but never were able to secure it. Our flanks folded and were reinforced multiple times throughout the day and we were again assisted by CTACS who I tried to compensate accordingly, and the civilian militia. A local hunter showed up and volunteered some intel about troop positions and movement in town. I gave him a couple hundred bucks for his time and to show UFS support for the locals. He was more than tickled and volunteered some more info about the enemy command element's location, which I immediately put out to our QRF leader to see if he had a unit he could task out to hit them and try and take the leader out. Unfortunately QRF was all tapped out and deployed. Again, its so cool to have civilian players in game doing this sort of thing creating dynamic and useful intel for both sides, should they choose to use it effectively. Really ups the immersion factor (for me) I also got taken hostage and interviewed on tape.... sort of like a torture reel. I hope you guys can use some of the footage, I know I'm not a great actor but I had fun. Anyway after respawning and helping fight my way up (and dying) at least 3 or 4 more times throughout the day, we ended the day with player scattered throughout town but not enough momentum to fully take it.



There wasnt much time during the two day ops that I couldn't reach who I needed on the radio, so thanks to our extremely competent and helpful platoon leaders including Wally on CTAC, Joker from AFA, Splash (sorry can't remeber your team at the moment) for taking platoon 2, and Gunfather 6 from NE taking on the marines. BIG thanks to Twitch for taking the burden of coordinating our rather large QRF force. Lots of positive comments from QRF about that and its worked better than in previous years. Twitch is a cool head under fire and a pleasure to work with. Thanks to you all for stepping up and taking the dreaded "leadership" roles. Thanks to our CO and XO who did a great job leading everyone though the weekend. Big thanks to the staff and people who made the event what it is and took care of everyone on the field of course.


Had a lot of fun and came away with quite a few good stories!

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29 MAY 2012








REPORT NUMBER 287947-5485-J13



Supervisory Police Officer Cody Smith, Oklahoma Territorial Police


To: District 13 Command, Oklahoma Territorial Police


Officers involved:

Supervisory Officer Smith

Officer Staggenborg

Officer Edwards

Officer Brackemyer

Officer Reed


This is the incident report covering the fighting that broke out near the border from 26-27 May 2012. As my notebook was lost in the field I cannot give specific information on individuals, however we do have biometrics and general statistics on all detainees during this period.


25 May 2012- Scheduled departure 0900, actual departure 1100 due to one officer's vehicular troubles. Vehicle has since been repaired. Arrived on site at "D-Day Adventure Park" at 1500 25 May, pulled off before campsite to change into uniform and apply decals to vehicle. This allowed us to immediately set up a working relationship as police officers with the local populace. Set up camp with Swayze, District 13th Judiciary.


Did a foot patrol that night to associate with the locals and ensure that we were familiar with the territory before we officially began duties. Initial reactions by locals ranged from indifference to catcalling and outright hostility to law enforcement.


MAY 26 2012



Set up a Police Station with cells in the town of Caen. The entire town was in poor condition, ours was the only building with all four walls standing. Established an entrance and began preparing for the elections to give the new government some legitimacy. Established Officer Reed as Receptionist for Caen Station. Deployed DUI checkpoint on the crossroads to Caen, but was driven from it by UFS forces firing upon us. A helicopter strafed us and the civilians but no casualties were inflicted. We fell back to the other side of the town and, as the fighting intensified, coordinated the evacuation of civilians from the area.


Myself and Officer Brackemyer returned to Caen in the vehicle to find it occupied by UFS Marines and Contractors. We were interrogated by a UFS Marine who Identified himself as "Jazzman" and was disbelieving of our intentions. Police Station deserted, no sign or word of our 3 officers. Managed to get several idle UFS Marines to vote in the CoST elections. At Pegasus Bridge we linked up with our remaining officers and Returned to Caen to deposit an M60E1 into our Evidence Locker. Chain of Evidence was observed during this process and the weapon was successfully processed. Leaving Officer Reed at the Station we went to set up a Police Station in Caen. The CoST forces there were dismissive of us and told us to set up in the Church, as opposed to one of several vacant buildings in the Town.


Made first arrest, a civilian who was disorderly. He was processed and let out on bail. During this period the UFS began to work with us, sending 5 detainees to Officer Reed in Caen. Sometime during this period Officer Reed accepted one or more bribes. This later came to light.


We performed a vehicular patrol of the area. It is of note that I saw three groups using their vehicles in a particularly effective manner: Us, The Contractors attached to the UFS and the MOD unit. All three groups used their vehicles to remain light and mobile on the battlefield. Upon completion of the patrol we returned to the Coleville Police Station to find the top floor occupied by civilians and the bottom CoST troops. While talking to the civilians in the top floor a grenade came through the window and killed Officer Reed. The building was then strafed by a Humvee. We pursued but lost them.


At this point offiers Edwards and Brackemyer went off Duty, as per our sustainment plan. They changed and played as civilians. It is apparent that Officer Brackemyer (now off duty) attempted to arrest the humvee Driver and Gunner but killed them all instead. I recieved word that CoST forces had detained Officer Reed (Brother of and Replacement for the late Officer Reed) after killing the CoST commander. Unsure of what the circumstances were we took Reed into custody for corruption (as we had now learned of his previous bribes) and we felt this may have been a part of that.


As we returned Officer Reed to the Coleville Station CoST Forces were hostile to us. They were particulalry jumpy as we in-processed Reed and booked him. (He is now in Prison). His Replacement, Officer Reed (No Relation) arrived and we picked up our two off duty officers. Officer Brackemyer had apparently killed several CoST soldiers during his time off, and we feared this may be seen as an act of hostility towards them. An uneasy cease fire was declared.


As fighting resumed that night, Officers Reed, Myself and Staggenborg were off duty and elected to Rest. It was uneventful for officers Edwards and Brackemyer, who were in plainclothes.


MAY 27



First order of the day was to clean the vehicle. It had become so dusty that the markings were illegible. We then went on to a morning vehicular patrol starting in Caen.


We were given the order to execute a search warrant for "Abacus" (name withheld for security) by Judge Swayze and attempted to execute the warrant. One of our officers was not quite discreet enough as a standoff ensued. It is unclear who fired the first shot but all officers were killed with the exception of officer Reed. the vehicle was undamaged.


With a new squad of Officers we set about our business, launching a complaint with the admin for the proximity of the fire (really close) and the Tan commander for the actions of his contractors (he deflected). We let it "slip" that they'd have to hide Abacus from us as the warrant was apprehend on site. We never saw him until the end of hostilities (when we were able to bring him before the "Hanging Judge", Swayze).


We apprehended several tan soldiers for war crimes and brought them to the Coleville Police Station, where we were held at gunpoint and the tan soldiers executed. A MOD member (Tusk) finally broke it up by coming up and shaking our hands, calling us patriots. Everyone on my team received an American Milsim "star" Patch besides me. We launched a complaint to the CoST commander, who declared that an investigation would be launched later. A lasting cease-fire was then declared.



4 tickets issued for littering

1 Search warrant served.

arrests made to 14 individuals

1 guy was arrested 5 times.

3 weapons impounded seperately







End Report




Our goal here was to not be corrupt, back-stabbing guys but an actual police force doing what it had to in an active conflict. As we had no direction from the Admins (we were nominally no different than ordinary civilians) we carved ourselves a niche in the game, holding elections, making arrests and trying to stabilize the area.


We did not have our siren the majority of the game as it was lent out to this or that admin to help them with their duties. we did help the admins a few times, such as searching for a missing kid, etc. but most of the time we were in play. I pulled my side arm twice in the event of the game, never once fired it. I had 28 round on me through the entire game. We wanted it that way. There are plenty of opportunities to run around shooting at everything, and you can have a lot of fun doing it too. But this is one of the few places where you can play a role in an event this massive and have fun despite not killing a single person.


PS For those who were wondering, Robert Cook beat me in the polls by 2 votes.

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First of all I'd like to say as my first real op it totally exceeded my expectations. I have been playing airsoft for nearly three years and knew it was time to take the next step. Amazing time and I will surely be looking forward to next year.


A couple of points I'd like to make.


1) I don't know if this had been stated already but there were some serious issues with the chronograph station on at least Friday. Everyone whom I talked to, and I talked to several people throughout the day, was of the opinion that the chronograph was running anywhere from 10-30fps too high. This caused people to either a) avoid the chronograph entirely, B) adjust their hop-ups to an unreasonable level to pass inspection (which was possible), or c) spend all day working on guns instead of enjoying their time and planning for the op.


I hope this issue can be worked out for next year.


2) As a first timer at a large OP I was surprised at what I felt like was a lack of detail within the ruleset. The rules on the forums were not entirely comprehensive, but on average people followed an loose interpretation of what I assumed were standard rules. Example: After bleeding out is it necessary to wait another five minutes at the FOB/MASH until being able to get back into the game? Is it acceptable to respawn when the FOB/MASH is under attack?


I know most of you guys have been doing this for years, but don't forget that there are many novice players who don't know what is expected.


I'd just like to say again, thanks for putting on a SPECTACULAR event. I even went so far as to take my kill throphies to work today to show my coworkers my exploits.

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all my groups guns came in right on spec with our group from our chronoes at home. Not sure why others did not?


Aye, all of my guns chronoed just fine, in fact, if anything, I found the chrono to be lower rather than high. But that may be that my hopups didn't get turned COMPLETELY off. they're fidgety and tight so they don't come loose from all the bodies I'd be slaying, sometimes it's hard to tell when they're stuck, or actually off. But my CQBR, which comes in JUST under 400, occasionally 1 or 2 over depending on the day/chrono, came in at the low 380's, my Magpul gun came in lower than my sidearm, thought thats normal. I think the chrono was fine.

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I hear you on being shoe-boxed... and not having 100% sandbox environment to work in. Trust me we will work out all the issues aired out here and while all of them might not get solved on the first run, things will always be getting better and evolving.


We need your guys input both the good, the bad and the ugly... because we can't fix it if we don't know whats broken.


2) As a first timer at a large OP I was surprised at what I felt like was a lack of detail within the ruleset. The rules on the forums were not entirely comprehensive, but on average people followed an loose interpretation of what I assumed were standard rules. Example: After bleeding out is it necessary to wait another five minutes at the FOB/MASH until being able to get back into the game? Is it acceptable to respawn when the FOB/MASH is under attack?




I don't know how we can get anymore "comprehensive" than The Offical AMS Ruleset. You either follow them or you don't and then run the risk of being removed from the AO. We have a pretty cool new system we that will be put in place hopefully by our next OP to try and cut down on rule infractions - thanks to Ed and the DDAP team.

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Well, I posted the positive, now I'll post some of the things that I thought might have been negative, though the list is small.


The first thing was the briefing for the MODs. I wasn't too sure what was going on, but I do know that we were at first told our briefing was at 8. Then 8:30. Finally, our briefing began something close to 9:30, after we had been standing around what was going on.


Another thing was the use of MODs. I'm not too sure how about what the other groups were doing, but I know my group wasn't really given too much direction. We were told that we were going to be going to do one thing, but we ended up just being put into Coleville, and remaining there the entire weekend. Now, I know some crap happened with the radios, and that's fine. I just hope that next year I get to see more of the AO than Coleville. I'd love to be doing cool stuff like acting as a prop! Or whatever your crazy minds can think of!


Finally, Frostys voice. You have the voice of an angel brotha. However, during the raffle I couldn't make out a damn word! ;) I'm just messing with you dude. I know your voice was just about shot.


Great stuff guys. I only had minor grievances, and that didn't stop me from have an excellent time. See you guys at the next one!

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All in all it turned out to be a pretty good game. The Eternal Soldiers task was to hold Caen, Oil Fields, & Pegasis Bridge for as long as possible. Our orders were to put place no more than 3 squads at Caen, so I put 2 since I felt Pegasis Bridge was more important and closer to Colleville our main priority. We didn't expect to hold Caen but we did what we had planned,,,slowing tan down. Pegasis Bridge was attacked all throughout the day. After taking heavy casualties and having reinforcements that wanted to talk more than shoot I decided to pull back and give the bridge to the tan team. From this point everyone knows what happened,,haha,,major fire fight at Coleville. After our platoon pretty much being out of ammo, water, and exhausted we pulled out of Coleville about 30 minutes before game was called on Saturday so don't know much from that point. Sunday was an awesome firefight as well. Below I decided to summarize up in pros and cons so hopefully the staff will look at and see if some points may can be changed.



1.) Lot's of trigger time.

2.) Great Comm's.

3.) Bo & JP were keeping the game moving.

4.) Excellent military vehicles (added to realism).

5.) Safety Briefings on Friday so we didn't have to stand in the sun for 2 hours.

6.) Water Buffalo's seemed to be placed in the right areas.

7.) Staff was going around checking on people making sure not to hot or if they needed water, etc...

8.) Excellent Swag Bag and Raffle!



1.) Staff needs to get on same page (Example: Safety briefing we were being told different engagement ranges than rules stated.)

2.) To much joy riding again this year, staff should have been at main key points to monitor fire fights. (Sunday was a prime example, did everyone see all the red shirts out on the field at Coleville? Great job by staff on Sunday midgame!) (No game is perfect but you can only improve from the feedback.)

3.) If its not a military vehicle or emergency vehicle then it needs to stay the hell off the field! To many personal vehicles!

4.) Main military force needs objectives instead of being used to skirmish all the time. Capturing and defending is not what I call an objective.

5.) If admins don't want their personal vehicle shot, then they need to keep it off the field and most of all don't transport troops in it, but don't get pissy with the players who shoot at it.


Again, it was a good game and the above is just some things we ran into. Keep up the great work guys.




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Operation Broken Home May 2012 AAR


Overview -


The drive out west was overwhelmed with anxiety and very little sleep. We set off just after midnight and took two hours to pick up our team mates from across Kentucky: Lexington, Shelbyville, Louisville, and Fort Knox. Once we rolled into DDAP and set up camp we walked the field and only got in enough time to see Caen and the V2 rocket site before we got smart and took a ride with the Deuce and a half. What. A. Field.


I woke up Saturday an hour early since I forgot to fix my watch to Central Time (I come from the land of Eastern standards). That didn’t matter as I was fully awake and well rested and ready for the day ahead, or so I thought. After linking up with our platoon lead (Twitch), and finally getting my radio working on the platoon net (oh technology…), we set out on our first mission. Upon steam rolling the CoST forces from their positions we continued toward Pegasus bridge, which proved to be the real challenge.


Initially I had planned on carrying a light pack that wasn’t so light. I dumped it in the UFS Deuce and a half since it was going to be at our FOB the whole time. This was a major mistake as my only source of hydration was in it. I figured I would just bum water off of my team mates until I went back to get my smaller camelback from our camp. After three hours of hard chargin I was spent. Once the nausea set in I knew I had to get chow, hydrate, and cool off.


I left the field about an hour after 1200h to get my gun run in. Holy hell what an experience. Let me rephrase that: Holy mother of Odin’s brass balls what a mind-berating roller coaster ride of adrenaline fueled autoerotic asphyxiation caste of experience that can only beaten if I was present on set during the filming of the lesbian scene from Black Swan.


After the most amazing airsoft experience of my life, I was ready to reload, refit, and get back out on the field. It was around 1415h and I wanted to get back out on the field before 1500h so I could play at least three more hours before ENDEX at 1800h. At around 1445h I was about to walk back out just as my teammates all had returned. They were all worn out and as dehydrated as I was, except for one who was in really bad shape and barely sweating anymore. We immediately move him into shade, had him change into shorts and a t-shirt, sucking down water, Gatorade, and eating food.


With the word that there may not be a helicopter for Sunday’s game, we had everyone rest up in the shade, hydrate, refit, and get ready for at least one more hour of play. Our team had paid for a helicopter infil/exfil and we wanted to get everyone in on that. At 1700h our team had just inserted into the D-Day LZ Northeast of Colleville. As our fifth and final man was on his way on the chopper I finally got someone on comms to get a sitrep: ENDEX had been called an hour early due to heat casualties and people dropping out. Despite our despair, we convinced the chopper crew to at least take us back to camp.


Three hours later we rolled out for the night game. Tracers, lasers, and flashlights were mounted and ready, as well as a second source of water! The game was great and full of fun, got plenty of kills and got killed plenty of times. I did, however, toss my Tornado grenade only to have it fail to detonate and then never see it again. Next I was flabbergasted with all of the fireworks being tossed around. I was told this was what had lead to the game being called early. This really bummed me out.


After a small campfire and smores our team got a well deserved and needed night sleep. I woke up on time but before anyone else, got some chow (the DFAC breakfast really hit the spot, kudos to the café crew!), and got ready for another day’s work of slinging BBs. After the morning briefing we realized the chopper was still on site and ready to ferry troops. Immediately we got permission to do another chopper infil for our team since our infil on Saturday was ill-timed with the early ENDEX. We met up with a four man UFS Marine element who were going to conduct a gun run instead of an infil, but we convinced them and got permission for them to be dropped off at our LZ after they conducted their gun run. Once we all regrouped in the field, our small air assault element came across the Airfield just as a large force of COST were departing for the battle underway at Colleville. We identified a building in the center of the field with two COST soldiers standing by. A larger force was about 100 meters to our east, and two other soldiers in a building on the West end of the airfield. We attacked the central building and eliminated the two COST soldiers in the process, one of whom was the XO. We collected their kill bracelets and set up a hasty defense. Unfortunately we couldn’t get reliable comms with QRF or UFS command. We were alone. Our nine man force of QRF and Marines held off the COST forces for a time before being surrounded and over run. What helluva battle. I’ve found that at every major event, there is one battle that is just pure epic and full of win, despite the actual outcome. This airfield assault and defense was that, the highpoint of our experience at Broken Home. Eliminating the COST XO was just icing on the cake.


With only two hours left the Marines left to find the nearest source of water as we approached Colleville from the rear. We attempted to infiltrate the Church from the Northeastern corner after respawning at a MASH but were quickly detected and eliminated by an overwhelming force. Our now dead team regrouped with the rest of UFS during the final all-out assault only to learn the game was going to be ENDEXed an hour early again due to people dropping out due to the heat. Once again we were bummed, as we knew a weakness in the COST defense, but with only 30 minutes left there was no time to exploit it. A full on frontal assault was the only option, but COST put up a stiff defense and with only five minutes left almost pushed UFS off the field.


Damn, what a weekend.



Personal Pros, Cons, and Lessons Learned –


Despite arriving with only five strong, far from the initial nine we had registered, we still proved effective on the field. Working with our fellow QRF, Army, and Marine brothers we focused on our ability to communicate, maneuver, and deployment of heavy weapons to combat the enemy. This is a product of many days and hours spent preparing and training together as a coherent unit.


I had to spend about fifteen minutes finding someone on our team to help me get my radio working. I consider myself very techno-savvy but just as with printers I find that radios always tend to never work right. Next go around I’ll be sure to link up with someone the day before or at least an hour before the event starts to do a coms check. My PTT for my headset also decided to quit working, but worked just find during training a week prior, so another comms check would identify that before I’m on the field. However all of my other pieces of kit and my primary AEG (a VFC416 pre-Umarex trades) worked perfectly fine the entire weekend.


Leaving my hydration source was a very bad idea. Despite getting water from my teammates it clearly was not enough, and forced me leave the field halfway through the event. That poor decision was caused by another con: bringing too much stuff. My pack wasn’t heavy, I typically ruck with twice the amount of weight, but carrying so much while playing airsoft in 90 degree heat during a major event just isn’t necessary. I was carrying eight spare mags, a speed loader, water, propane, bottle of BBs, cliff bars, MRE, water, CO2 cartridges, and batteries. After cutting out the bottle of BBs, propane, and MRE the weight was more easily manageable. Next year I’ll only be dragging water, mags, speed loader, and cliff bars in a smaller pack.


A techno lesson learned was in regard to my Contour Roam camera: don’t leave it on and don’t forget to turn it on! I had somehow neglected to delete hours of video I already copied to my PC, but I recorded 44 minutes of inside my ruck bag. I then popped in my camera microSD card since it had space on it so I could record Sunday’s game. Unfortunately this over wrote my DCIM folder, deleted every single video and photo I had on that card, including a lot taken during the ride up and group photos in front of the chopper. I also lost my vids from the Rammstien concert last month (they’re uploaded to facebook, just lower quality).


Also, don’t accidentally mix .20 bbs in a bag of .28s… I ended up just buying a whole new bottle of Elite Force .25s so I could actually engage the enemy with consistency.



Event Pros, Cons, and Lessons Learned –


Lets start with the good: what an awesome and intriguing scenario and back story. New age civil war, definitely set up the stage for some cool back story for us history buffs and overall the actual tactical scenario was well played.


Helicopter – nuff said. I’ll say more anyway: not only was it awesome to be strafing COST forces from above or air assaulting deep behind enemy lines, but just having that added threat of an air attack was menacing and nerve racking. I’ve taken cover from simulated air strikes, i.e. an admin walking toward us with a fire cracker or mortar simulator. Never have I had to take cover from an actual chopper with two door gunners.


DDAP was the biggest field I’ve ever been to, which goes without saying. I’ve been to MUTC in Indiana and Zuzzmen at Fort Knox, and while those are unparalleled MOUT sites DDAP really adds a whole new level of scope to the game. With big towns, bridges, and airports you really feel like you’re fighting for strategic control of a country.


UFS leadership was outstanding and very well coordinated. While I did have plenty of radio and comms issues with my own personal equipment, when I did have good comms things were going great. We always had a mission, we were always in the fight. The Maprika app was amazing, and always kept up up to date where I was on the field, but also where my Platoon leader was. However, despite adding everyone in Maprika I didn't see anyone else's location on the map the entire game!


Now lets get to some of the bad: as mentioned command did a great job overall, but really lacked on the tactical aspect of the fight. Every single attack by UFS forces was a head on frontal assault on every objective. A big last minute push might have been enough to get Pegasus Bridge, but no way was that going to work one Colleville. During our team’s Sunday infil we found a number of alternate routes of attack, but unfortunately weren’t able to get that intel to command until 30 minutes before ENDEX (if we had that full hour and 30, we might have had a chance). This is a HUGE field, and the fact that my team was able to sneak around behind enemy lines, capture two MASH positions (not going to reveal where they are so we can use them next year hehehehe), assault the airfield uncontested and take out a COST high command target, coupled with the fact that two COST soldiers snuck around to Caen and sacked it just proves UFS forces failed to out-maneuver our enemy.


I didn’t really like how QRF was being used like a typical line infantry platoon. I was under the impression we’d be going on “dynamic†missions like rescue a down pilot (I did see that M7 on the COST QRF did perform a rescue mission). I understand that we’d be QRF for regular forces when they needed extra guns, but every time I had a mission it was the same mission as the Army units I was tasked with which made us just another line infantry unit. Some of the other QRF guys did get tasked with recce ops and such, and I’m not complaining or wanting to sound like “oh, its not fair that Striker 1 did this or M7 did that,†but I never felt like QRF as a whole was being used like QRF should be. Now, I will say that my guys did drop out for the second part of the day on Saturday, and on Sunday I took advantage of our helo infil on Sunday so we were already behind enemy lines and out of comm range (which was high speed in and of itself, but it wasn’t an “official†QRF tasking), so perhaps I just wasn’t there when all the cool QRF stuff was going on.


Speaking of infil/exfil helo missions I was under the impression that the teams that paid for a helo infil/exfil would be tasked with cool kind of “side†missions? I may be wrong here, but that would’ve been pretty need to be infilled by helo with the mission to “destroy†the V2 rocket or ambush an enemy convoy in a kind of secret “black ops†style mission. At least that’s what I had in mind. But our actual infil did serve a better purpose of actually helping the actual game (and we did kill the COST XO).


What really bummed me out was ENDEXing an hour early every single time. I understand that the heat was thinning the ranks, and those on the field were already beat and had little left in them, but it still bums me out that the moment we got back to the front line thinking we had an hour to play we had to turn around and go home (although it did earn us an extra helo ride).


And finally, the ugly: the only thing I’d consider “ugly†about this game were some characters at the night game. Throwing fireworks at people? Really? If that ever happened at a game I was hosting I’d have them banned from our games and even arrested. I don’t play with that shit. Stupid. (I’m going off what I heard had happened, so if no one was actually tossing pyro at people then ignore this). A second issue I had with the night game was the attitude of some of the admins. I was so irritated by the attitude of some (not all, just a few) of the admins. Every few minutes I would hear “Hey! Stop shooting I’m an Admin!†I understand that we shouldn’t intentionally shoot an admin as they’re not in play, but here’s the thing: I don’t think that anybody would intentionally just shoot an admin, but it obviously happened a lot! A number of the admins were just hanging out, talking to each other in groups, not really paying attention as COST and UFS ran around and slung bbs around them. Other admins didn’t even realize their red light sticks weren’t turned on but yelled at people anyways. Its airsoft, if you’re on the field you’re going to get shot with BBs! Deal with it! It really upset me when I was getting chewed out for trying to play the game by an admin who was just hanging out chit-chattin in the middle of a fire fight.


Overall this was a fantastic game, worth the 12 hour roadtrip (kudos to Chris Law, our HWS, who drove the entire way both trips!). Already we’re recruiting, planning, and preparing for next year! Thank you to the AMS guys and everyone who made this weekend possible!


Another big thanks to JP, who really showed that he was vested in the everyone's health and safety. When we returned to our camp on Saturday with one of our guys badly dehydrated, JP came around several times to check on him. Plus every single exchange between JP and any admin made one thing very clear to me: they just wanted everyone to have a great time and to have fun. Kudos to you guys, and here's to the future of American Milsim and Broken Home!

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<Ground Zero AAR Placement>


I'll post a team AAR soon. I just wanted to point out a few things:



- Lots of fighting, we got a fair share of trigger time so the team was happy

- Water buffalo was a key factor to our success. We filled our camel backs at least 4 times per person per day just from the water buffalo

- Team spawning. This was awesome. It made us stay together throughout the entire weekend. (could be a con for a bunch of guys not on a team)

- The admins. We caught some rides back to camp to fix guns and re enter the fight. Thank you.

- Player attitude. I don't know how many green team guys I fist bumped after a massive firefight, but it was cool to see that they are just there to play as well. (also an ugly, see below)



- some (not all) Player attitudes. There was a lot of cussing on the field. Yes, we are adults and its awesome to shoot guys.. but my god, if you get shot on accident no need to throw out 14 f-bombs and physically threaten the other player. WE ALL KNOW accidents happen, deal with it and move on.

- Blind firing. Really? This is mislim, not billy's backyard.

- Younger players attaching themselves to our squad. We had 3 instances where a player younger than 14 just hopped in our ranks. This isn't bad, but where is his guardian? He had no water, no mags, no nothing and now he was our responsibility. We were okay with it, but worried if he were to get hurt or dehydrated.

- Hit shrugging. I missed it on film, but we shot a player who physically rubbed his arm and SHOWED his buddy where he got hit, then kept fighting. 3 of us saw it and were amazed what was happening. No admins were around, so we called zombie and lit him up.. sad to say he got mad at us.. but.. yeah...

- Signage in the staging area. After checking in we were told to head around back for the safety briefing. We were also told we couldn't chrono until we had a black bracelet. We stood in line at Kastway thinking it was the line for the safety briefing. Maybe AMS could make a few larger signs with "STEPS" and directions to help guide players. We were also told to bring our eye pro and mags at chrono... I saw a number of fellas humping gear that ended up being totally unnecessary.



- Start and end time. This was horrid. Doing the math I think we missed out on about 6 hours of gameplay. The late start on saturday, the 2 hour early endex on the night game and Sunday was cut what.. 4 hours? I understand about heat exhaustion etc, but man, I drove 20 hours to play airsoft... I was really bent on Sunday when they yelled 15 minutes till endex and it was only 12:45.


What caused the ugly? I assume the player attitude (night game), and the heat (saturday and sunday?) What could be done to help the ugly? better preparation for the start time. We sat at the stage for 45 minutes with game time eating away, then sat for another 30 south of Caen. Knowing the heat was bad.. maybe move the battle to the trees? That field at coleville sapped the energy out of players FAST. Maybe if the force was moved to a different AO there would be less heat casualties thus allowing the game to continue to its respective ENDEX time.


I know I sound like I am bitching, I am not. This was by for the best OP I have ever attended. I just want to see AMS improve on their already great plan.

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It does seem that the majority of you guys loved the game this year!

I want to let you guys know that we are SO glad that you are taking the time to tell us what you loved, liked, was worried about and did not like. The stories that you guys are sharing with us is priceless. As an admin it is hard for us to get the finer details as we are looking at the project from 5000 feet sometimes. We are FULLY aware of the failures in some areas like more admins and the timing aspect and for that we are truly sorry.

We are making your concerns our top priority for the next event.

We are so thankful for all of you for taking time out of your lives to come play a game that we all love and enjoy. I can assure each and every one of you that we are working to cure all the bumps that we had this year.


We will be making a huge post soon covering all of this in detail.


Again, thank you for your time and comments and please keep them rolling in! WHEW! I have a ton to read!

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And finally, the ugly: the only thing I’d consider “ugly” about this game were some characters at the night game. Throwing fireworks at people? Really? If that ever happened at a game I was hosting I’d have them banned from our games and even arrested. I don’t play with that shit. Stupid.


We found out they were the TFX pea grenades, and not someone being a jackass. Probably will not allow these next year because of the fire hazard.


START and ENDEX times were difeniatly an issue that will be addressed.


Will have the Safety Briefing and Chrono process much more streamlined with tutorial videos on the check-in process for future events.


Yes, we did have some admins "clustering" too much instead of spreading out and working TICs.


Will address PoV issues, even though I can't imagine an admin being upset unless a player purposely shot at the PoV mistaking it for an enemy PoV.


Keep the comments coming guys the good, bad and ugly. You seriously will not hurt any of the staffs feelings. Most issues we can address, however hit shrugging is a tough one.


Think a lot of the problems we saw Sunday came from the wind gusting which would "curve" most players shots at 75+ feet. While people might have think they were hitting their target I'd watch the BBs curve 10-15 ft. prior and be completely off target.

Edited by TheJP
spwellin is gewd

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Quick issue I noticed was admin vehicles / admins being used as cover for advancing forces. I noticed it while playing for both sides so it was not isolated.


Situation: Admin vehicle would drive down the road heading to X location. It would kick up a cloud of dust and would provide cover for advancement of either side. In some cases, players would use the position of admin vehicles or admins themselves as cover as they advanced on the field.


I know that on several occasions Sunday at Coleville we had to ask for admins to clear our sectors of fire.

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Quick issue I noticed was admin vehicles / admins being used as cover for advancing forces. I noticed it while playing for both sides so it was not isolated.


Situation: Admin vehicle would drive down the road heading to X location. It would kick up a cloud of dust and would provide cover for advancement of either side. In some cases, players would use the position of admin vehicles or admins themselves as cover as they advanced on the field.


I know that on several occasions Sunday at Coleville we had to ask for admins to clear our sectors of fire.


Shit happens, just like a ref getting leveled in a football game. I know as an Admin myself I try to be mindful and avoid it, but honestly the above issue will always exist to some extent.

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Quick issue I noticed was admin vehicles / admins being used as cover for advancing forces. I noticed it while playing for both sides so it was not isolated.


Situation: Admin vehicle would drive down the road heading to X location. It would kick up a cloud of dust and would provide cover for advancement of either side. In some cases, players would use the position of admin vehicles or admins themselves as cover as they advanced on the field.


I know that on several occasions Sunday at Coleville we had to ask for admins to clear our sectors of fire.


Sunday was a tough day - too many people claimed the other side was doing this or the other side was doing that and absolutely demanded an Admin go stand over there and watch. Sometimes, "over there" was in the way of someone else. I assure you, wherever I was standing, it was with good intentions. And I know you never had to ask me to move (I don't recall ever being in your way.) but if I ever was, it was with the best intentions to stop some potential issues.


But it's a double-edged sword in this regard: people want more admins around and about, but then we need to have admins out of the way. If an admin is "out of the way" he's not going to see what you're seeing and not going to be able to address your issues decisively. See how we're sort of damned if we do and damned if we don't? We'll find the fine line to walk eventually, but do apologize if it was an issue.

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Gentlemen, since the topic of hit calling keeps coming up, I would like to to point out a few things: this was by far the best job I have ever seen at a big Op by the admins when it came to checking on potential zombies; couple that with the fact that most players on the field took their hits like champs, often congradulating each other for the shot. There were some on both sides that for whatever reason felt it necessary to ignore repeated hits, and I know tempers tend to flare as a result... I nearly lost my own patience after three of us drilled one player in particular who finally called himself out, then got up and ran off firing. However, a lot of the supposed hit shrugging was due to a combination of the wind and brush, which saved many players lives both days. The one thing I did see that may need some attention is the medic rules: despite the posted set, different teams were told different things during the course of the game, ranging from self-medic to 30-second hands on heal times. I think if this confusion could be prevented next year then a lot of confusion and frustration could be avoided.

All that being said, this event had fewer zombies than any other I have been to, and for that I want to thank both the staff and great teams that attended. I have had nothing but good to say about this event overall, and in a time where most of the big events around the country are filled with infighting between teams/staff, this one definitely set the standard I will judge the rest by.

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From JP

"I don't know how we can get anymore "comprehensive" than The Offical AMS Ruleset. You either follow them or you don't and then run the risk of being removed from the AO. "



OH MY CRAP god. I wanna address a HUGE bunch of these issues. The players NOT FOLLOWING THE RULES is BY FAR the worst problem of the event. Its OUR fault. The AMS guy can't have someone baby sitting everyone, come on this isn't paintball.


I was in a game off to the side, where STAFF was YELLING rules at people in a building, it was quiet so they can't use that as an excuse, and ONLY THE GUY BEING YELLED AT FOLLOWED THE RULES. Everyone else in the building did as they please, I know I shot them.


As far as ADMIN vehical's being used, well guess what they are part of the field. its their job to get out of the way, and some times because of safety they CANT. If not they are cover.


As far as a saw NO ONE i shot didn't call it. EVEN in the night games. I had more of a problem with the other team being healed OVER AND OVER, and respawning on their own, AND respawning on the spot and or not bleeding out. All of witch are player problems not Staff problems.

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Agreed DMZ, that is what I meant, thank you for clarifying it. The staff truly was great, it was individual teams we ran into who were using the "well I was told..." that created this confusion. Either way, stress it to your players next year, make them read/know the ruleset, and correct the teams around you and no one can complain.

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I was part of Civilian Militia. We chose real tree / mossy oak as our camo. (Sorry for the confusion with green army.) In doing so we took it upon ourselves to be as partisan as possible. Making this short:

  1. Saturday AM: "Get away from our town" Props to Tan. You guys rolled us in Caen. Law Enforcement booked it out. We had one team of PMC and one squad of COST vs a platoon of UFS + qrf. Held the first house on the south side as long as possible. I think we lasted 5 minutes after the game first started

It was damn fun... .

Sorry for shooting you. I was the guy that said "Your not green? Why are you wearing camouflage then?" I truly thought you where on the green side. I wasn't being a dick, so sorry if it came out that way.


YA my squad was at the front of that's assault, it was my favorite charge of the game. I waxed a group of 8 guys with my buddy and 4 more off to the far, and completely forgot about the bracelet thingy, So if you feel bad you can always send me yours. =*)

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Agreed DMZ, that is what I meant, thank you for clarifying it. The staff truly was great, it was individual teams we ran into who were using the "well I was told..." that created this confusion. Either way, stress it to your players next year, make them read/know the ruleset, and correct the teams around you and no one can complain.

I agree. My team policed themselves, and when we policed rules on others on our side it was met with less than niceness. Even we Caught ourselves. I pulled my knife out and went to toss it at someone, then remembered I could do that and had to put it away, this gave away my position and put me at risk. I still HAD to do it.


Not so much as cheating but more not following the rules. Sometime to the advantage of themselves other times just mess-ups.

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I agree. My team policed themselves, and when we policed rules on others on our side it was met with less than niceness. Even we Caught ourselves. I pulled my knife out and went to toss it at someone, then remembered I could do that and had to put it away, this gave away my position and put me at risk. I still HAD to do it.


Not so much as cheating but more not following the rules. Sometime to the advantage of themselves other times just mess-ups.


Teams have to help police themselves - admins can't be everywhere at once and self-policing makes the game better for all of us. I like knowing the opposition is honorable because it means that the game is more true to what's actually happening and it also lets me know that should I take the field on the same side as them at another time, I know they're going to be a good outfit to run with.

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1- Doing the safety briefings every hour Friday.

2-Water buffalos.

3-All the vehicles.

4-Some admins were trying to make sure players stayed hydrated and playing and the ones that got dehydrated/overheated/exhausted they would take back to camp, thank you.

5-The police and civilians really added to the experience and made it more milsim. Some gave us false intel and some gave us good intel.

6-Admins tried their best to keep the game going and to pump up players.

7-A LOT of stuff was given out at the raffle.

8-DDAP staff was great, doing all the deuce and a half rides was really fun.

9-I personally liked that we did the squad respawns although at one point I was mowing down a crap ton of green and had to leave because my squad was combat ineffective, I could have gotten many more kills.

10-Sportsmanship of people, there were several times where I was mowing down green, they finally found me and got me and they told me good job and that they thought they would never find me.

11-People used safety kills when they should have for the most part.



1-Admins being in the way then getting mad when I accidentally shoot them. Sometimes they parked their cars in the way too.

2-Early endings and late starts but this is to be expected.

3-The mod guys kept resetting a bomb in the top of the church making it very hard for us to get up there, if this wasn't up there I can guarantee we (tan) would have taken the rest of coleville and probably been able to keep

it. All the while, there was MOD helping us keep green back.

4-People blind firing and hit shrugging, I especially noticed this in the very last push on coleville and was probably because they were afraid we would push them back. We saw people just blatantly doing it and screamed at the top of our lungs for an admin several times and couldn't get one.

5-Not all rules were gone over and some MEDs were told wrong but not a big deal at all, this is why we all could see the rules on here.

6-Admins not being at the capture-able places to flip the flags.

7-I wish there would have been at least 1 admin chronoing people on the field so that people considering cheating would think twice.

8-There should have been some method of locking our regulators for those of us using air-powered guns. If I

wanted to I could have raised my fps way over limits with the turn of an Allen key.


This was the best and funnest event I've been to and I would come back to an AMS event without hesitation. Thank you AMS and DDAP staff (Especially Frosty and Lil JP)!



Allied Forces Airsoft


Regular army

Platoon 1

Squad 1

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