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New CoST player from Tennessee

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Alright so I was finally able to get a weekend off without work, that reservist life, or an unplanned back surgery nixing my plans (thanks Marine Corps for stopping my Black Site trip lol). I've been to a few local milsim events but BH7 will be my first AMS event. I do have a few question so I'll list them below. Thanks in advance.


1) Is there a standard timeline for these event

2) Any suggestions in general for someone who has never attended an AMS event

3) Is there anyone from the Middle Tennessee area also going to this event

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Welcome to the forums, and the Coalition!


1) They will release an official timeline with specific details as we get closer to the event, but here is what you can usually expect from Broken Home:


On-site camping opens up on Thursday.  Staff and Vendors begin setting up (continues into Friday)


Registration, chrono, and safety brief open up on Friday.  They will also be running Saturday morning.

At some point Friday night the 48hr continuous operations units start their thing (CoST Raiders and UFS Scouts).


Saturday morning, around 9 or 10am both teams gather for formation and final pre-game brief from Staff.  Assuming one team will be based in Caen, which is a stone's throw away from the campground, that team then walks to their FOB.  The other team will likely be stationed in the Airfield, or maybe even further out, and will be loaded up on Duces.

STARTEX usually around 10-11am.

ENDEX usually about 8-10 hours later, before it gets dark.

Sometimes there is a nighttime Evolution for a couple of hours, but we won't know until they release the official timeline.


Sunday morning formations is around 8, STARTEX around 9.

ENDEX usually around 2pm.

Raffle is usually an hour after ENDEX, and lasts an hour or more.

Staff and Support Staff break down gameplay elements.


2) Everyone will tell you what you probably already know, but this really is a brutal AO.  Hydrate or die, do your cardio, etc etc.  The AO is covered in chunks of granite.  Its absolutely killer on the feet, and can def tear up your boots, so be aware of that.


3) Kansas, sorry!

Op: Broken Home II             CoST Army Sniper

Op: End State Route-19 II    CDF Group 5 Sniper

Op: Broken Home III            CoST 1st PLT Sniper

Op: Broken Home IV            CoST Alpha Co. 2-2  Sniper

Op: Rebel Yell III                  CDF 1st PLT Sniper

Op: Broken Home V             CoST 1-1 Sniper

Op: Broken Home VI            CoST   Whiskey-3  Sniper


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Thanks for the info. I was planning on camping out there, good to know that it will be an option. I have heard plenty of stories of how brutal this AO is and how big of a break off it is. Thank the Lord for going to Bridgeport this past summer lol. The semi timeline gives me something to work with when it comes to travel and what to expect. Can't wait for this op
What doesn't kill got makes you stronger. I should know. I'm on a first name basis with the ER staff lol



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I would recomend going on Facebook and joining the CoST page, you’ll be able to see if anyone near you’re location is going.



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