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Spr mk12 dmr???

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Hello i am new here but i do have a question as reguards to the rules for the dmr platform, so in the rules it gives examples of some gun types for dmrs and of course semi locked and all the other regulations. Here is my question as i was reading another post it says m4s can not be used as dmrs per the rules being it has to have the weapon in its real world counterpart, well the m4 has a real world dmr the spr mk12 which is a dmr styled weapon that shoots the standard 5.56 nato. Also per rules it says no carbines sense the mk12 isnt a carbine does this count as a dmr if all other regulations are met. Asking for my own peace of mind

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M4 is easily identifiable with collapsible stock, FSP, and carbine length gas system.  It can be fired in semi or burst/auto.


Mk12 is easily identifiable with its longer 18" bull barrel, full length gas system, and is semi only.  Some have collapsible stocks.


Think of it this way: the visual cues are so you don't run up on a guy with a DMR because of minimum engagement distance.  Mk12 hardly looks like an M4 from distance, though to be fair with all the modularity it's hard to tell what anything is now.

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Designated Marksman Rifle is a special purpose weapon; it is a standard infantry rifle equipped with optics that have been enhanced for longer range and accuracy. Some examples of a DMR are - M16, SR-25, PSG-1, M14/M21, G36, AUG, G3-SG3, Dragunov (SVD) etc... Bolt action rifles may also function as a DMR as long as they adhere to the Max FPS.

 A. Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) may ONLY operate SEMI-AUTO mode, and must be physically incapable of firing in full-auto.

B. 450 fps max @ 6mm x .20g, 345 fps max @ 8mm x .34g for AEG

C. 355 FPS max (1.88 J) for 6mm x .32g for Gas Weapons (Classics, PolarStars, GBBRs).

D. Limit ONE (1) DMR per squad (or otherwise stated).

E. Weapons using an external gas source must have a locked regulator to prevent field adjustment.

F. Operators of a DMR are required to carry either a standard AEG or sidearm to engage targets within the minimum engagement distances.

G. Mid or Real Cap Magazines only.

H. Minimum engagement distance of 60 feet.

I.  Carbine rifles do not qualify for DMR

J.  May not engage targets within the same building.

K. May carry 7 magazines on your person.

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