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Returning AMS Vet. (Long time coming)

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Hows it going people, Tak is back! After 5 long years as AD in the Navy I'm finally able to get back into AMS events as I now have time, money and am back home in Oklahoma. I was here at the very beginning of time for AMS  however I was forced to go my separate way from the great cast of guys that run it in AUG/2012 do to my enlistment in the Navy (I'm 28 now). Happy to be back and hopefully partaking in as many OPs and events of theirs as I can now that well.. I can. Know me? Hit me up! Looking to re-network with all my old battle buddies and looking for new ones.


For those who don't know me I've got about 13 years of Airsoft xp under my belt and several large ops and games/events. I did play while in the Navy but only at local fields where I was stationed if on shore duty. An example is the extraordinary field at Ballack in North Carolina right next to virginia beach.

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