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This will be the first milsim event a friend and I will be attending. We are driving from central Louisiana and staying at a hotel in Killeen. Some questions I have are as follows; will there be a potable water source to refill hydro carriers? Do we bring our gear boxes to a certain point and lock them up? What is the food situation, is there a lunch break? Food for sale, or just bring snacks? How often do we get to a reload point. Sorry for all the questions, we're just trying to make sure we're prepared. Thanks in advance.

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Based on last years event, bring what you need into the AO.  We kept all our extra gear/food/water at our FOB.   I would snack/refill water after dying (you get two revives via medic, third hit and you are down, bleed out and head to FOB) and heading back to the FOB to reload (which is the only place you can so). 


If you have a lockable box, I would recommend it.  While 99% of folks at these events are honest, there's always something that ends up going missing.  I leave my backup weapons in my car, and bring only ammo, food/water/tools in my rolling "AO" box.  


There is no official lunch break, if your going to sit out for an extended length of time, just let your squad leader know.  On that issue, radios really come in handy and are almost a necessity.  If you don't have them already, look up BaoFeng (UV-5R or UV-82) on Amazon. A little more advanced than the standard 2 way radios, and what most folks will be using. 


I bought this Husky mobile job tool box from Home Depot, works great and is lockable:


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That's a really great idea.

Please post some pics of the setup inside yours.


Is it large enough that one can also store their AO camping gear? I looked into those after seeing your post and there are some 50 and 60 gallon versions form other companies like Stanley. I am considering just storing EVERYTHING I am bringing in one and rolling it to the FOB.



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Although you can't see much in there here's my box loaded for play.


In the fly-out trays I keep my chrono, radios, tools and misc. stuff like zip ties, tape etc.  In the main part of the box I keep a mini-tote for mags and speed loaders.  The rest (things like glasses, ammo, gloves etc.) takes up the rest of the space.


You could keep minimalist camping gear in there, but it would be tight.  I picked this size because it's just right for use in the field.  Not too big, versatile storage, and rolls easily.  For RDG, I'll be replacing the mini-tote with soft sided cooler for my snacks and water since I'll have all my mags with me.



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I liked the job box idea so much that after work today I went out and purchased this bad boy.

042526950780.jpgIt's called the "Mobile Command Center" by IRWIN. Found it at my local Lowe's when I went in search of options.

It has a foldout table that I think we can all use onsite for gun maintenance. I think ill also use it for a cooking platform in the evening at camp. It has enough space inside that I will be able to wheel everything from the car to the AO. Let me know what you think.

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This thing is badass. Has enough room to hold all my gear, tools, ammo, gas, grenades, smokes, comms, cams and batteries. PLUS has enough room to store my sleep system and some camping gear.








Has this tool tray that fits any small stuff to get easy access.




The table portion pulls out from the underside of the cover.




The table pulls straight up and the legs hinge automatically into place and lock.




The work surface is large enough to do any kind of work needed.




The table height is approx. 38-39 inches. I am 6ft and the table comes to my waist perfectly.




This thing seems pretty stout. Has a large depressed portion on the lid to secure more toolboxes/coolers. I name-marked mine. The lid opens to a maximum of 90 degrees to keep stress off the lid.




The slide out pull handle makes this thing really easy to move around.




Hinges are put under too much pressure due to pistols that keep the lid form slamming open or closed.




Has a spot to safely lock up your goodies.





We will see how this thing works. I may post some update photos if I make any changed. 

I hope this gives someone else a good idea.

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Thanks for the responses guys. Those boxes look awesome, definitely going to have to look into getting something like it.

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