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Dont know if this rifle will meet this role or not.

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I am looking at getting a tactical FN FAL with folding stock. Now if its locked to semi can I run it as a DMR or would i be limited to rifleman?




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Designated Marksman Rifle is a special purpose weapon; it is a standard infantry rifle equipped with optics that have been enhanced for longer range and accuracy. Some examples of a DMR are - M16, SR-25, PSG-1, M14/M21, G36, AUG, G3-SG3, Dragunov (SVD) etc... Bolt action rifles may also function as a DMR as long as they adhere to the Max FPS.

 A. Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) may ONLY operate SEMI-AUTO mode, and must be physically incapable of firing in full-auto.

B. 450 fps max @ 6mm x .20g, 345 fps max @ 8mm x .34g for AEG

C. 355 FPS max (1.88 J) for 6mm x .32g for Gas Weapons (Classics, PolarStars, GBBRs).

D. Limit ONE (1) DMR per squad (or otherwise stated).

E. Weapons using an external gas source must have a locked regulator to prevent field adjustment.

F. Operators of a DMR are required to carry either a standard AEG or sidearm to engage targets within the minimum engagement distances.

G. Mid or Real Cap Magazines only.

H. Minimum engagement distance of 60 feet.

I.  Carbine rifles do not qualify for DMR

J.  May not engage targets within the same building.

K. May carry 7 magazines on your person.

Without pictures, "tactical FN FAL" could mean a number of things, but it sounds like it would be a regular carbine and not meet DMR requirements.


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As the FN FAL does fire in 7.62 NATO and can be outfitted with a longer barrel kit, I would personally say that it could pass for a DMR under the ruleset provided it was set up appropriately. It also appears to be listed under the DMR classification wiki as a currently serving DMR under Argentinian forces. I would still wait for final approval however from staff on that judgement call, and you'll likely need to upload photos or a link of the gun in question for further information. 


Provided it is approved by staff, it will certainly need to be locked to semi-only operation to be used under the DM role and you will of course need midcaps.



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How about the VSS? It is used as a DMR and counter-sniper rifle by the FSB and other Russian forces, and fires a fat 9x39 purpose built rifle cartridge, and literally has "sniper" ( Снайперская ) in the name. Does the fact that it is so small and has a folding stock preclude it from use as a DMR at AMS events?



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Not sure what relevance that has, other than to muddy the waters further, but to me a gun with significantly shorter effective range than an M16 (or an AK74 for that matter) doesn't qualify regardless of what words happen to be in the name. In most instances it also doesn't have a folding stock, but that's besides the point.

Questions like this will always come up, and take the admin's time, whenever there's a rule based on examples and "etc" -- a hard and fast rule such as "must have a barrel 20 inches or longer" would solve it. It wouldn't keep people from asking, but it would stop them from arguing.

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