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Do Enola Gaye Flash Grenades Count as kills or just distraction?

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Do Enola Gaye Flash Grenades Count as kills or just distraction?



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Generally any sound grenade is a kill if it is thrown in a room and the enemy has A. No cover and B. Is within the kill radius. If a sound grenade is thrown outside it is only a distraction.





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I've heard differently from Cirrus. From my knowledge, if a Sound Grenade, like a Thunder-B grenade for example, is thrown outside, kill radius rules and other grenade rules still apply. They're just more effective in close quarters, so you usually see more grenades being tossed indoors. Correct me if I'm wrong.

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Inside (any structure having 4 walls)sound grenades will kill you if you are within the 15 foot kill radius and are not behind HARD cover, outside however sound grenades are useless as you must be struck by a bb or pea/clay pellet from a grenade like tornado,cyclone,pea,enola's clay remake,thunder b with bbs etc... for it to count as a kill.


Heres the rule set with everything down to smokes.




A. OUTSIDE All simulated explosives used I.E. Tornado grenade must detonate and cause a BB strike to eliminate a player.

B. INSIDE All simulated explosives used must simply detonate within 15 feet to eliminate a player.  A BB strike is NOT needed inside.  “Inside” is defined as having four (4) walls and does not have to have overhead cover. 

C. All player grenades must be thrown under arm, this is to prevent injury.

D. Any Pneumatic/Gas grenades that require CO2 or Green Gas/Propane are allowed.

E. Please see below list for approved pyro grenades.

F. Rockets fired by a HWS will have a 15ft kill radius from initial impact.

G. Rockets fired by a HWS are only effective on structures if they hit INSIDE the structure itself.

H. Rockets fired by a HWS effectively disable all Vehicles but does not kill its occupants unless impacted inside the cab.

I. Players may use any “name brand” airsoft grenade (Escort, AI, etc...). No modified grenades are allowed.

J. Ricochets from player thrown grenades is treated as fragmentation and will count as a hit.

K. Thunder B's will be counted as a "grenade" when used as a suicide device with a lethal kill radius of 15 feet (must detonate).

L. Suicide vests have a lethal radius of 12  feet and are triggered by the player simply displaying the device.

M. Any suicide device must be TRIGGERED prior to being shot or captured for search.

N. No explosives, open flame or hot burning smoke will be allowed for fire hazard/safety reasons.

O. Smoke may not be used inside of buildings.

P. No blank firing devices.



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Timmy is correct. ^^^


It has always been difficult to determine kill radius outdoors regardless as the sound of a thunder b carries a decent distance and it's easy to visual miss a grenade thrown at you or where it landed in relation to your position when trees, brush, etc are at play.

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