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Roger Slade â€“ FNN


As the former United States enters its sixth year of the most brutal conflict on American soil since its inception in 1776, concern has spread through the whole of Europe and neighboring countries regarding the future stability of the Federal States.  Most economic experts point to an unavoidable meltdown of the global financial markets if the United Federal States are unable to continue “servicing†the former debt obligations of the “United States.† To date, the Federal States have been able to service all the financial commitments, but experts say this cannot continue while also funding its civil war.   


The mounting speculation; the United Federal States will soon become overwhelmed by all the new “threats,†which have emerged in the last eighteen months.  The Coalition has been the lead protagonist of the Federal States in this bloody conflict since the initial secession.  However, the opposition list now includes the recently formed and ratified Pacific State Alliance, the ever-growing Civilian Defense Force and Sierra Dynamics Corporation, the global leader in oil, gas and state-of-the-art technology.


FNN has learned that Federal officials have met with a small group of leaders from other countries that are expressing their willingness to “partner†with the Federal States.  They pledge to offer their support with monetary aid, technical and military personnel.  There is no formal information regarding this newly-founded partnership of nations, but officials have given it the moniker “Eastern Ten†or  



FNN can only speculate which nations will be participating in this political summit, but inside sources are saying that leaders from Australia, Germany, Sweden and The UK are the principal architects of this recently-formed council. 

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