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Review of the KWA CQR Mod-1 M4

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Hey, just thought I'd spread the word about this gun. So, I'm sure a lot of you out there are, like myself, usually on a tight budget, and you probably want a great gun for a low price. Enter the KWA CQR, at $190, the most affordable mid-level AEG on the market. It's internals are fantastic out-of-the-box, firing at around 370 FPS, with surprisingly good grouping. Its externals are made primarily out of high-quality plastic, with a metal upper receiver, buffer tube, barrel, and iron sights. The primary reason it's so inexpensive is because it's stock, Non-RIS standard m4 hand guard, and lower receiver are admittedly cheaply made, but all of these are are very easily replaceable, with little to no gunsmithing required. Basically every aspect of this gun, both externally and internally, is upgradable, which, in my opinion, puts it ahead of its similarly-priced competitor, the G&G Combat Machine Raider. The gun looks exactly like the standard M4 currently in service with the US Army and Navy, unlike some other M4s on the market, making it fantastic for those with military-inspired loadouts. And it goes without saying that, with some slight tweaks, it will perform well in AMS events. I give this gun an 8/10. Its internals are fantastic out-of-the-box, and it's FPS is within most regulations. However, externally, you may want to buy some aftermarket parts. 

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