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Sierra Dynamics Press Release

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Sierra Dynamics Press Release

Wes Mantooth – FNN


Sierra Dynamics submitted the following Press Release to all major new and reporting outlets this Sunday:





A Better Today for a Better Tomorrow TM



Due to recent allegation and rumors, Sierra Dynamics is confirming that the company has no knowledge of any rogue entity operating in Perry, GA nor is this group associated with Sierra Dynamics in any shape or form. 


Sierra Dynamics does not condone or authorize any action taken by this "group" of former Sierra Dynamics employees. Furthermore, Sierra Dynamics will take immediate legal action agisnt any groups, organizations or corporations that attempt to disparage the Sierra Dynamics band, management, workers or executive staff.


We hope that this unfortunate situation is resolved quickly and peacefully by local state or government agencies. 


In addition, the Sierra Dynamics VP or Public relations had this statement:


Sierra Dynamics is proud of its history and partnership with the Federal States. Sierra Dynamics also values its partnerships with many other countries, NGO and companies that we work with to help improve the lives of people around the world. We have a rich history of unshakable integrity and high moral ethics. These are things that made us a worldwide successful company. Sierra Dynamics has worked long and hard to earn the trust of the customers we work with and for and we will not break that trust.

Sierra Dynamics will comply with the Federal request to its intellectual property, in accordance with the law, but will not allow IP or asset seizure without due process.  


Sierra Dynamics companies pride themselves on working hard today so there is a better tomorrow.

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