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Scottish uniform question

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Hello gents.

The support gunner in my squad for the next BH event is of Scottish descent and has almost always worn his kilt in milsim events. Making sure it's ok for him to do so. We are running COST and he has a woodland camo kilt that he is planning on using. And don't worry, he won't wear it full Scottish style.

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Save the kilt for the weekend skirmish.


As per the letter of the law: 



Uniform regulations exist to give an appearance of a cohesive unit and not give the appearance of a group of individuals.  It is hoped that this will give a better overall experience to all players.

A.  Authorized camo patterns vary from event to event and will be posted with event details prior to registration

B.  Tops should be a BDU/Combat Shirt type uniform top.

C.  Bottoms must be pants.

D.  Headgear color will be faction specific.  Camo or Solid colors is Authorized.  Black is not authorized

E.  In the event of inclement weather uniformity regulations are relaxed but all worn items must still be faction specific in regards to color.  OD Green for CoST and Tan/Brown for UFS.

F.  Special uniforms may be authorized for specific role playing groups outside of the typical uniforms but not for those playing under the conventional CoST/UFS Forces.

G.  Gear color does not matter.  You can wear any color gear you wish.

H.  Ghillie suit colors must match faction base colors.  Tan and Green.

I.  Red shirts may only be worn by AMS Staff.  Photographers or observers may wear any high visibility color other than red.

J.  Photographers/Observers must not look like combatants.  They may wear any type of clothing other then military type uniforms.



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