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Captured players

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I read in the rules and regulations that captured players can be searched but there was nothing defining how a player can be captured

Ron Mexico

Ron Mexico

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Unless you are given a frago to capture an individual then you are not going to capture just anyone.

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Unless you are given a frago to capture an individual then you are not going to capture just anyone.


but you can search all EKIA by simply touching them and saying "I am searching you" at that point they have to give you their kill card (if they have one) and any in-game intel on their person. 


Can't search a player that has bled out though.

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Alex AMS

Alex AMS

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Typically, you will be searching KIA players.  Don't just run up and tackle someone, unless it is part of a mission. 

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From experience, if you locate an enemy VIP or "higher ranking" player, they will usually be open to a impromptu mission. There is a right way and a wrong way to go about this obviously. The way I've seen it go down where it ended up being fun and favorable to everyone goes as follows.

1. Enemy VIP is shot and is discovered while bleeding out.


2. Squad radios up the command chain to the CO telling them they found a VIP or "high ranking" enemy player.


3. Command may just say who cares, let them die (in which case you let them die), or command will ask if you can bring them back to base.


4. the Squad then ASKS the VIP if they wish to be taken hostage. If VIP says no, Squad radios to command that he bled out and died. If VIP agrees then squad medics VIP and escorts them to command under the agreement that the VIP is ONLY FIGURATIVELY BOUND. The VIP will remain moving under their own power and will not be actually bound in any real way. They will come with under the agreement that they are captured.


5. Squad delivers VIP to Command staff who can then improvise a small skit for all players to watch and enjoy.

6. Everyone has fun.




Never take a player hostage without their consent and treat them with respect and with safety in mind once they are "captured". Always make sure the command chain and event staff are aware of what you are doing (Its generally good to grab a ref and just have them moderate the whole thing) and it can be a fun little addition to the game.


I'd recommend you let players who have been to a few games make the calls and just participate in the fun and enjoy the show



Disclaimer: I'm not an admin or ref or rule maker at all. I'm only speaking from experience and recalling some of the more memorable impromptu great times we've had at these events. Whatever the admins say goes, if they say "no dice" just keep walking.




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