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Big Candy

UFS Registration List

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*This is a pre-deployment roster as of 10/9/16*  


*Final squads will be determined as the roster capacity is reached.  Additional info will follow*



Anthony              Cozzolino

Freddie                 antiago

Michael                Hallman

Kaitlyn                 Hallman

Sam                       Eliason

Chadwick             Redd

david                     bradshaw

Justin                    Inman

evan                      young

scott                      burchette

jacob                     lewis

Benjamin             Kelley

Stephen               Caruana

Stephen               Broyles

Scott                      Robbins

Isaac                      Upchurch

James                   Hamm

Jared                     Sipe

David                     West

Daton                    West

Travis                    Sisk       

Travis                    Sisk

hunter                  nix

robert                   bruce

Connor                 Johnson

Ross                       Cole

Tyler                      Cole

Austin                   Applegate

Christian              Porco

Gabriel                 Hanohano

Collin                     Raker

David                     Frye

Chris                      Fisher

jason                     steinle

Robin                    Unegard

Andrew                   Walker

Zach                       Gross

Julio                       Chicas

Jonathan             Vieira

Alex                       Pazour

Joseph                  Pham

Donald                  Hart

John                      Wiese II

Alex                       Smock

Phillip                    Sillman

Josh                       Gold

Eric                         Houseknecht

Lane                      Russell

Garrett                 Schneider

Ryon                      Lee

Anthony              Boezi

Eric                         Pfeifer

Chris                      Vodisch

Kevin                     Saltweld

Henry                    Franco

Sean                      Lee

Brandon               Pasquarelli

Benjamin             Pachter

Bryan                    Turner

Willis                      Martin

Jarod                     Martin

Holden                 Grove

Preston                   Lee

David                     Snyder

Luke                      Robertson

Charles                  Robertson

Gavin                    Clark

Caleb                     Avera

Adrian                   Young

Michael             Heineman

Harris                    Wilson

Christopher        Blackburn

Spencer               Mills

Sam                       Heeman

timothy                 endler

Ruth                      Dean

Ryan                      Dean

Corey                    Saltsider

Timothy               Martin

Reed                     Strong

Shaun                   McCabe

Jared                     Stegner

Daniel                   Martinez

JOHNNIE              DEVLIN

Mauricio              Linero

Alex                       Fallon

Nick                       Caesar

Corey                    Hough

Joshua                  Hough

David                     Sparks

Daniel                   Weekly

Jeff                        Miller

Seth                       Phillips

James                   Biggins

Elijah                     Bache

Ronald                  Weber

Kris                         Martin

Brandon               Crookston

Seth                       Linn

Jun                         Arriba

Robert                  Weiner

Ryan                      Wilson

Richard                 Hurrey

Wesley                 Redmon

Skyler                    Lounge

Jacob                     Cantrell

David                     Ly

Chase                    Fulcher

nicholas                smith

Chandler              Casner

Chandler              Hamby

Joshua                  Pasco

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