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Kydex holster for Baofeng Radio

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I am in talks with a kydex manuf. to send him an inop BAOFENG (5R series) radio to have a mold on hand to build kydex holsters for these radios.  I've searched around a lot and found a few people who have built their own but no one mass produces them. 


Would anyone else be interested in purchasing one or more of these? 


Next question is what battery would you want installed?  I told him I may send him the standard and extended battery but I've never had a problem with the standard battery life and was leaning that way over getting one made for the extended battery. 

Let me know what ya'll think and who would want one and I'll get pricing from him once he mocks one up.

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SO, DVM no longer exists.  In fact I never got my Kydex holster from them and I have no one to get my money back from.  I've been out of airsoft for a bit now and am looking to get back into it, so went looking for a Kydex baofeng holster and found one here.  I ordered two different versions one for the extended battery for my gear and one for the regular battery that can be belt worn on a regular belt using a paddle holster type attachment.  I'll report on them when I get them in.



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