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Whats up dudes! What ya'll like to do when it comes to damaging, tearing apart your body parts? What awaits for you at the gym? How do you like to prepare for OP's? 


And for those who unfortunately learned the hard way how important physical fitness is to your pew game, how much better did you smash your enemies after whipping your sorry ass into shape? 


Being able to move quick constantly with great focus wins battles. I understand we all enjoy investing our hard earned money on gear and guns, but what have we all invested in our physical fitness?





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I run.  If my body starts complaining that I'm running too much, I bike.  I find cardio much more important than strength for me. I like to think I can measure my success by how much time I can spend in the field vs how much time I need to rest/hydrate.  Cardio helps me stay out longer and get back in the game quicker. $.02



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I walk lots at work, and lift some. And I was clearly not in good enough shape for what the AO had to offer at BH5.


But, all of our guys pulled it off. Nobody dropped because of "I can't hump any more". We had real health issues claim a few guys.


I think most of it is mental. Not that endurance doesn't play a part. "I'm gonna train more!" is a common theme for our discussions now. Everybody agrees that it will help in future if our cardiovasc fitness is better.


But I think the will to do it plays a huge role.

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The way I stay in shape is I airsoft almost weekly, I'm also a HARDCORE skateboarder. I've skateboarded almost every day for the past 12 years. I'm also a freeeunner (parkour) so I run up or down something daily. about once a month ill go on hikes in the mountains here in the other side of town wearing either two camelbacks with lots of water in them or just one with a somewhat weighted training vest on to simulate what I usually wear In game (I'm a sniper so I don't really carry much on me anyways) I also used to do the high jump and long jump from 6th-9th grade and almost went to state in 6-7th grade. I mainly skateboard, freerun, and airsoft now a days but its still super tiring. I'm not a fan of lifting weights or running just to run, cause my mind gets distracted or I get bored with those two things.

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I am a fucking T-REX...I do not pass out

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I've been humping my JG M99 at a steady pace on an inclined treadmill a few times a week for a few weeks now and slowly increasing my distance. For a few minutes of that time I try to keep it shouldered in a standing firing position because I'm sick of my arms shaking like a leaf at the end of the day each time I use my AKM.

I'm hoping to pick up a SAW soon and thought the M99 would be a decent analogue for weight and length. I would like to get back into regular lifting, particularly for my arms and back, but working 61hrs/week makes it difficult.

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