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Best BaoFeng on the Market?

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Depends on your definition of best, as I'd say that when it comes to Baofeng, price itself is a major selling point for them. The UV5R and UV82 are both the most common however, and are very close to the same radio with some small feature differences. 

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UV-5R you can get them for less than 30 dollars. 4 watts Dual Band


BF-888 you can get for sometimes 11 or 12 dollars. 2 Watts UHF only but very simple and pretty tough. Cannnot be manually programed you have to computer program them.


UV-82. Most people find these to be more ergonomic. 4 Watts Dual Band.


BF-F8HP Basically an upgraded UV-5R with 8 watts output and is Dual Band.


UV-82HP. UV-82HP with 8 watts, again dual band.


UV-B5. Same internally as the other ones but better external case......depending on who's asking. 4 watts dual band. It does have a nifty channel selection knob on top that a lot of people love. I've got a KG-UV8D with a similar knob and like it. Makes changing channels on a radio in a pouch much easier.


UV-B6. Same as B5 but minus the Channel knob and it gets replaced with a light, like other Baofeng models.


The differences in nearly all BAOFENGs are in their casings. With exceptions of newer upgraded chipsets and firmware internally they are all the same. Obvious difference being the BF-888 as it's a single band radio with no manual programing ability.


All can be programed with CHIRP.


Any of the non high power radios should be in the 30 to 40 dollar range. HP models will run around 60. If it was me I'd pick up a UV-82HP or BF-F8HP. While power isn't everything on handheld radios you don't have to run the HP models at high power all the time. You can turn them down to L(1watt) M(4Watt) and H(8watt) and only run HP when you need to.

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