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American MilSim

Scount Pre-Deployment Roster

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Rusty ShacklefordAdam StarRifleman
Crotchey Dark HorseSSW
Carlos Danger Dark HorseRifleman
ACESLAP OR TOGA if they are in the Scouts FactionSSW
LawnGnomeDark HorseRifleman
Tactical DonutTF ATROX - DBORifleman
WesTF ATROX - DBORifleman
TLS2TLS MilsimMedic
TLS1TLS MilsimSqaud Leader
JacobDavid EverlyRifleman
EverlyJacob EverlyRifleman
BondoTF ATROXRifleman
O'LearyReddy, Kampenhout, Somero  (blue stripes)Rifleman
KampenhoutReddy, and OlearyRifleman
Camusn/aSqaud Leader
WarthogBlackout MilitiaRifleman
AmmoTF ATROXRifleman
RedneckSWO-ATROXSqaud Leader
SandmanTeam Rogue/UFS LRRPS Sqaud Leader
Rogue 3LRRPRifleman
Toadvine UFS LRRPsSqaud Leader
OracleTF Atrox- SWOMedic

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Hi guys

If you're on this list and not yet on our planning page, please PM me with your real name.


We have to be in the field Friday night and there are things each player must do, and gear you must have


There's lots of prep work to do. Give me a PM, pronto

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