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I'm sure all that will be sorted out once the secure forum is up and running, but what I can say from observations while may be obvious to some not to others. Squad leaders please listen to your Platoon leaders, while not necessarily in way adhering to military discipline (this is a game after all) but they are doing everything they can to make sure everyone gets their moment of glory. While also working as a team, you may get a boring job at first, I know my squad did in the beginning of the first day. We sat in a ditch for 3hrs but near the end a hostile squad tried to take a cap from behind which happened to have a company lead, nice little juicy target. Had we not been there we would of lost the CP and our company lead along with the Intel carried. Not to mention they would have been right behind another two squads for an easy takedown. shortly after that event we were rotated out with another squad as the main line pushed up and got all the action we wanted. Point is we are far more effective as a team than we are as one Rambo squad trying to be the heroes of Coleville, your platoon leads are doing their best to make sure everyone has fun while accomplishing objectives as a team sometimes you have to shoulder the boring job but rest assured you are there for a reason.This point being farther rooted by the new suggested rules for ammo restock (please read up on these if you have not already) Also stick with your squad doesn't matter if you have someone yelling we need reinforcements here stick with your squad. What is the most likely thing happening is that it is an overexcited player trying to call the shots thus ruining what your leadership has had planned. If you truly work as a team support, each other, and get along you will have so much going for you and your team. But remember at the end of the day its a game, you are meant to have fun with it be goofy because at the end of the day we are a bunch of grown men shooting plastic bb's at each other don't take it so seriously you bum yourself out. Smile, laugh, and do your dam best to pretend to kill the other guy

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