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The MMX class I signed up for was how to set up and use night vision, but it turned into so much more. Because we started at 5pm, well before dark, we spent the first few hours learning how to breech and clear a building as a team. We started by walking through it step-by-step, with the instructors bringing it down to a level that matched our skill set. After each run-through we had a short Q&A session; it was very interesting to hear the differences and similarities in how the military and law enforcement handle the same situations, but what I found even more interesting were real life stories shared by the instructors. Additional layers of difficulty and technique were added to each subsequent run. I was surprised at how quickly a group of mostly strangers began to work as a team.  


As the sun began to set, instructors broke out the night vision gear. For those of us who didn’t have NODs, the instructors were happy to let us try out their personal gear. We spent an hour or so on how to set up and make adjustments and discussed the advantages and disadvantages of using NODs on your dominant eye. We spent a few minutes just walking around inside the school getting accustomed to seeing things through a toilet paper roll. Then we repeated the previous exercises, only this time it was in the dark. Now we stumbled around the hallways and rooms we had navigated so easily before. The instructors did a fantastic job of helping us acclimate to seeing the world a different way. They provided insight and perspective. It only took a few run-throughs until we were a functioning team again. They added shoot and no-shoot targets to the scenario and then we really began to have fun. As we cleared room after room, the instructors fired a few rounds our way and upped the tempo considerably. I can’t say it all went smoothly, but we did manage to clear the rooms and have a lot of fun doing it. 


We all spend hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on gear. We spend more money to travel and attend events. But we often overlook spending the time and money on training. The money spent on this MMX class was one of the best investments I’ve made in airsoft. The training we received was far more valuable than the minimal cost of the class. The instructors were able to impart such a vast and varied wealth of knowledge in the limited time given, showing their passion for both their craft and the opportunity to teach a group well outside their normal type of student. 


I want to thank AMS and Frosty for getting the MMX classes rolling again. And a HUGE thanks to Shaq, HotRod and Whisper for sharing their time and knowledge to help make me a better airsoft player. The feather received shows much more than just completion of an MMX class, it shows a willingness to work and desire to become a better player. I will definitely attend EVERY MMX class offered and I urge all of you to do the same. 

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I wasn't sure what to expect from this as I heard some questionable things about the previous iteration of MMX. Let me say that I had no reason to worry. What an outstanding class. 


The class followed a crawl, walk, run method. We started with a bit of a pow-wow and got to know the cadre, break down the learning objectives, and discussed some of the basics. We then got into the school and did some dry runs on how to move as a unit, communicate effectively and how to enter and clear a room. We did this several times rotating positions and then we upped the challenge.


We attempted a room clearing with a bad guy waiting on us in the hallway and our objective was stay as stealthy as possible to avoid being fired upon. We went to a two team scenario and cleared several rooms at once. 

We took a quick break and grabbed some chow and headed back after sundown and got on the NVGs. We gave it a few walk throughs with the NVGs and we went live fire with some targets and just kept on going. 


Let me break down the pros and cons.



  • Great cadre. Loved teaching and passing on experiences.
  • Actual tactics taught and applied to the airsoft/milsim environment. They recognized the differences and limitations of airsoft and applied techniques towards that.
  • Learned team communication, hand signals, and brevity.
  • Learned team work
  • Learned proper breaching and room clearing techniques as a team.
  • Got to work with NVGs in the environment.
  • Learned from actual law enforcement and military professionals and not some folks who took a class somewhere.
  • Got to experience and realize just how bad ass these guys are who do this for real for a living. They have a tough job.
  • An awesome patch that can't be bought and must be earned.



  • There was not much clarification on what it was we were doing before the event. Originally I thought the class was a CQB class that would be about an hour long and would have plenty of time to get back to my camp to setup for the night mission.
  • A list of what to bring with you would have been helpful. I was told to bring a standard loadout but I neglected a few key items...namely a flashlight. I had to run back to camp during the break and get it attached while also hustling to get my tent setup as I would not have a chance to before dark and the night mission.
  • While awesome, the curriculum seemed to jump around a bit and we would talk more advanced stuff before the basics were covered.
  • Some visual study materials that we could have looked over and taken home after the class would have been a nice touch.
  • Ended up conflicting with the night game. Wasn't a big deal for the regular player but as the camp leader I had some folks relying on me to be there and help out. 


I realized that this was the prototype for the new and improved MMX classes. I have to say I am very impressed over all and it was well worth the time and the money. I enjoyed myself very much.

As a military professional myself who uses NVGs regularly in flight, I got a whole new perspective on how to use them effectively with boots on the ground. It's not just being able to see in the dark. Being able to see in the dark does not give you an excuse to have bad tactics...and we learned that in this class and got to experience it first hand.


This class and the cadre are outstanding professionals, energetic, and genuinely excited to teach the material and improve the milsim community as a whole. Listening to the plans they have for the future, not only do I want to attend all the classes the offer that I can but I would love to be a part of it somehow and teach some applicable military knowledge that I have sometime down the road. A great team of guys.


Thanks to Frosty, Whisper, Shaq, and HotRod for taking the time to do this.


PS: I unfortunately misplaced my patch when mother nature took a dump on us with the flood Saturday night / Sunday Morning. Any chance I could get a replacement?

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