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Problem "Player" at ESR19-4.

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Its friday night. My squad is on UFS, we have been out patrolling for CDF stills on the east side of the AO by the rail road. Once we discovered one we head back to out PB for reassignment.


Now, right when we get onto a road that has a fenced area that leads into the junkyard, we start taking fire from Alpha. At the time, we didnt know it was our own team ahooting us... After falling back, and the shooting calmed a little. One of my team pops a guy out in the open. He has no red light on to indicate that he is dead, has no colored clothing to say he was Staff. He was armed, and walking in from the direction we were taking fire.


Not once has he ID'd himself to us. However, after my guy shoots him he proceeds to have an outburst at him, saying he has been shot 4 times. (Again, no red light on, no admin clothing)


He asked his name and then walked away, like there will be some form of consequence.


This is to let AMS staff aware of this situation if its ever reported.


If you're dead, use a light, if you're staff and non combatant either have a red light on, have the clothing, or better yet NOT BE ARMED.


Seriously, its. Night time. Its hard to tell who is who.

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Guest Specs

This problem was pretty persistent throughout the event. Even during the day, many players had lost their dead rags, and even refused to raise their gun or show any visual signs of their death. 


Regardless, if said player didn't have their dead light on, and didn't yell or show any signs of being hit, that's their issue. 

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