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Portable Crossband Repeater

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A cross band repeater unit I built for motorcycle rally and Jeep event use. Could easily be used in larger AOs where radio comms might be sketchy across the whole field.


This is the basic setup before I installed the wiring. Radio on the left (KGUV8D) Low cost UPS battery in the middle. This is an 8AH battery. Right is a charge controller 20 amp unit which is way overkill for this build as the radio draws very little power.



Setup in my front yard with camo netting installed




Broken down in "travel" configuration. You can easily cut the tripod, NMO magnet mount and 1/2 wave antenna out of the pack up and use a roll up j-pole antenna then you'd just have to carry the box and solar panel. With the reserve capacity of the battery this should last for a whole op unless you are talking a whole crap ton. At some of the longer motorcycle events I go to getting to the hill where we'd place this to replace or charge the battery is time prohibitive so having a self sustaining unit is a must.



Time lapse of setup and tear down



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