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ESR 4 Roosevelt School Indoor Camping

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For those that paid for indoor camping you will be camping in the Roosevelt Elementary.


Roosevelt Elementary

612 Dunn Street

Roosevelt, OK  73564


The school has two very large open areas, cafeteria and a few classrooms.  Two large public restrooms.


Things to consider.....


Weather varies and you should pack as if you are camping outside.  There are no heaters in the school so bring cold weather gear, good sleeping bag and hand warmers as needed.   The benefit is you will have a roof over your head, no wind or rain to contend with and be blocks from the AO.  Get there early to stake your space....



-No grilling in a school, grilling must be done outside.

-No propane heaters, for the sake of everyone safety.

-Lights out at Midnight.....  If you and your buddies want to chat, that is fine as long as you are extremely quiet and not using bright lights...


-Be respectful of the facility, there is a lot of history of the school do not tamper with.

**Do not track mud throughout the school.  If you have muddy shoes take off at the door.**


Bottom line... Treat this place like home, do not deface the place.


Thank you!

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Guest Specs

I'll assume this was copied from last year's ESR forum since it's mentioning a February stay. Should be quite comfortable this year!

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It's looking like my crew and I won't be able to make it their until really early Saturday morning -- being unable to depart the mid-south area until about 1800 on Friday. I'm assuming as long as we're not loud about coming in, things'll be alright?

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