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OP: IH Official AAR

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I normally write very detailed write ups but I'm feeling very lazy but to no less I wanted to at least tell AMS how I felt about this event.


To start, honestly, the best AMS event I have attended was Ironclad 1 followed by ESR 3 and Ironclad 2. This event has topped that by far! Ironhorse is now my favorite and best overall event that I have attended by AMS and this marked my 10th event. The AO was absolutely amazing! The time hack again was awesome and on point for the amount of play time. I had a blast playing all day! I saw minimal hit calling issues but other than that, I really had no issues. Every player used their dead rag and I would say 95% of the players made snow angels on the concrete when they died! It was amazing to finally run with the full STL TOGA team and we all had a blast! Once again I want to thank all the AMS admins and staff members that made this event happen. I want to especially thank Rick, Greg, Bo, JP and Alex for their work both on and off the field! I loved running into you guys out there and gunning next to you (Bo and JP - Gunning at you). I think minimal changes need to be made with this event. I heard some people were upset with stalemates and not being able to move but honestly, I never saw that. Most time I ever sat at a stalemate was for 30 minutes before we changed our plans and made an advancement. I would really like to see more of the subway portion used but with how dangerous you guys said it is, I can see how it needs to stay off limits. I can't wait to see the new AMS rules as well!


Seriously guys, you nailed this event and it was worth the 15 hour drive down from STL and the 12 hour drive back. Now get me a blackhawk ride during the day and night portion with a spot light lol...  :rolleyes:

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As usual, a fantastic event hosted by awesome people at a kick-ass location! My guys had an absolute blast and can't wait for the return to the AO (provided Guardian didn't go into conniptions Monday morning.)



There was the usual hit-calling issue but not on such a scale that I saw any tempers igniting FAST helmets. Only noticed a couple of these accidents during the game, but while working with Support Staff to clean up I counted NINE smoke grenades indoors in places that they wouldn't have just rolled into. Come on now...only a few motivators brought their gas masks, the rest of us enjoy the clean Georgia air without any color added. There were also some questionable grenade placements, i.e. knowing there's a closet-sized room around the corner and dropping in three TLSFX sticks anyway. At Operation: Wounded Eagle years ago I saw one of those blow out a guys eardrum and knock him out because it detonated touching his ear -- a bit excessive maybe, so next year let's try to tone that down. Finally, another thing I noticed during Support Staff work, please for the love of all things simulation stop using your tactical feng shui to rearrange these rooms. Some of these rooms had no less than 30 pieces of furniture, and all of them were flipped, angled, rotated, stacked, or otherwise set up for maximum cover, and while I get the desire to do this...don't. We spent thirty minutes JUST resetting one room of one building because of the insane way it had been utilized. If we do get to go back, please make sure people aren't building a Fallout-style fighting position, because there are other players that have to undo everything.



A big shout-out to all the guys on both sides that truly hammed it up on the deaths! Nothing feels more rewarding than watching a line of guys trying to rush a building all drop and start screaming about childhood memories that are slowly fading or their multiple girlfriends they hadn't gotten around to writing goodbye letters to  :lol: Those of you who went all lame-ass in this regard and just stood there...shame on you. That's not what action movies are made of. There was one point where myself and buddy had been shot in one room and the guys who killed us were then fragged in the next room. They shot the shit with us and went back and forth about whether they killed us or we surrendered right before they pulled the trigger, in true good sportsmanship fashion, and then they said good game and good luck when they got revived and bugged out. A lot of awesome attitudes this game that I noticed were distinctly lacking in our Faded Giant experiences. UFS, you had some killer tactics several times that had us locked in a stalemate in your favor, and props to you on that. Fellow CoST fighters, among other magnificent feats, you were able to outmaneuver the wily enemy and even drop down into pit where their FOB was, which was awesome to watch.


Favorite AMS event so far and it's on the top 3 list of favorite events in my 12 years of playing. Huge thank you of course to AMS staff for always being professional and on point (even you Opie) and a battalion sized fist bump to one of the best groups of players on both teams I've seen in a long time. Counting down till the next one!

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Now get me a blackhawk ride during the day and night portion with a spot light lol... :rolleyes:

Ok. That maybe the only improvement needed LOL


Like Thumper (Delbs) said - great time and well worth the travel. Great jobs guys! Thanks as always for all the hard work.

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AAR from CoST Alpha Company 2nd Platoon Leader.


This AAR will come from a general sense with a touch on faction specifics from my point of view. A more detailed AAR will be posted later in the CoST Secure Forum.



  • Outstanding AO! AMS really went the distance and ran this thing wonderfully. While I was a little disappointed to hear that there would be no flooded area and the woods would not be in play that disappointment faded as soon as I started walking the field. Once the plastic started flying every bit of negative emotion on the matter fled.
  • CoST Leadership worked very well and kept important information running up and down the chain. We were able to work outstanding coordinated efforts, quick responses to issues, and overall the leadership kept us in the fight and we were able to turn back even the worst tide.
  • The 10 hours of constant action with several hours of night time play was bad ass. As always the pyro is always welcome and really enhanced the OP. If we could have had the pyro from Ironclad 2 at this AO it would have been the final ingredient in the perfect atmosphere.
  • CoST teamwork was solid. There was certainly a true feeling of pride and camaraderie on the field. Old friends and new faces came together and made things happen.
  • UFS brought the heat and the sportsmanship. From my perspective and interactions UFS had some outstanding folks in the field. I had some of the most intense fire fights in my airsoft life at this game and when they were done I was able to sit down and chuckle with the dudes I just went head to head with. Hand shakes and smiles were in great abundance. All banter and chest beating aside, UFS have some outstanding players in their ranks and it was an honor to face them.
  • The DAM was amazing and put together very well. I enjoyed every second of it.
  • When it was over...I wanted more.


  • Blocking windows and doorways even after it was briefed not to. Now don't get me wrong, I am all about using your environment to your advantage, but they said it at the safety brief several times and at BOTH morning musters. Despite this fact both sides were guilty of this crime. I have no names to name and I wouldn't even if I did. I just saw it and it was brought to my attention MANY times over the comms net. All I will say is that there are rules are the rules...if you break the rules you get war crimes...if you get war crimes you increase your chances of your entire faction losing the game. Maybe you don't care...maybe you only care about you and your buddies...maybe you are just there for the rush. Fact is other people DO care. Don't ruin it.
  • Sportsmanship altercations did occur. I understand that our community is full of Type A personalities but there is nothing that occurred at OP:Ironhorse that deserves the heated exchanges that I witnessed a few INDIVIDUALS having. Again INDIVIDUALS on both sides are guilty here. Remember folks this is a game and it is a game where the very nature requires injuries in the form of tiny bruises from plastic BBs to occur. If you are upset at any point, whether you are already hit or not, by this fact perhaps you should re-evaluate your perspective on the game. The name calling, morale crushings, and character assassinations have no place here and ruins it for everyone and makes the community at large look bad. Fight with honor and integrity.
  • Impromptu murder hole creation and use in building 27. Yes that infamous building we all came to love to hate. On the North East entrance of that building there was one of those quickly constructed walls where the lower part was open so your feet were exposed from the other side. There was also several holes that were busted through the wall. I am pretty certain they were already there before any AMS player arrived. More than once I took fire through the holes which clearly classified as murder holes which we were told NOT to use. Bottom line on this...if there is even a question on whether or not something should or should not be done...err on the side of caution and DON'T do it. You can ask a admin later.
  • A seemingly lack of FRAGOs. This might be on me but I was very unaware of FRAGOs in the works. It seemed like a long time before one was in the works the first day for CoST. Perhaps having some sort of objective as part of each factions briefing before the start in addition to the FRAGOS that isn't just collect intel from people you shoot might help here. Again this might just be from my perspective.
  • When it was over...I wanted more.

In General:


Overall this has been my favorite AMS event. The cons mostly centered around individuals doing things they are not supposed to. To these folks I implore you to please check the negativity at the door and give others the benefit of the doubt. Sometimes it is hard to hear someone calling "hit" over the whine of an AEG. Sometimes it is difficult to see someone waving a kill rag in the interior of a building from the outside. In this game...you WILL get hit with BBs even when you are already out. If you are going to get upset by this please just leave the field and cool down before getting back into the game. Coming over to bitch and moan to another player only serves to make you look like jerk. If you have a legitimate concern, walk off the field, calm down, and find an admin. Be the bigger person.


Wonderful staff. Wonderful leadership. Loved when the smoke and flares came out for ambience. The DAM was outstanding and well worth the money. The guys who put that on were at one point hypothermic and unfortunately had to cancel the last two ops of the evening (My team and I were on the 2am run). These guys offered us a refund or the chance to do the mission the next morning. We reset and got up for an early morning run and these guys who had been doing this the entire day before got up early, set things up and gave us an outstanding experience. These dudes will have a free round of drinks anytime they find me. Look for Rooster from A.C.E.S. Thank you!


AMS staff you have really made something special over the years you have been doing this. You have totally changed my view of airsoft in the 3 events I have been to that you have put on. I am at the point where I am planning my year out around your events. In my opinion you have found the near perfect balance between the super hardcore milsim and the rush of the game of airsoft. My team and I will be supporting AMS anyway we can and look forward to what you guys will be doing in the future. Keep it up.


To UFS. Well fought ladies and gentlemen. It is because you fought so hard that I had so much fun. Keep fighting and I promise I will give as good as I get.(Innuendos and banter from that last statement are welcome.) See you at ESR-19.


To JP...I want your gun. It made my testosterone spike when you unleashed it's wrath. 


Rooster- A.C.E.S.

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