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i am trying to find a hookup to buy pretty much 1 of all TMC Multicam Tropic, Multicam Original, and Ranger Green, Gear pouches and other items.


you cant buy directly from TMC unless you are a Retail Seller, or Company.



Our new Field has yet to set up with a local Gear Maker, as our field is still being built. He is limited to what he can make.  


Be it Kydex Holsters or Pistol Magazine Holsters, and the Cordura Type Products. (He makes gear for the SF Troops and Paratroopers as well as local and Nationwide SWAT Teams.) 


hes been in this business for about 15 years along side with being a P.I.


but we are also hoping to start selling some TMC Sport Gear.


Does anyone know how good TMC gear is? or how much it takes to buy direct? 

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Guest Specs



But if it's the "look" your after, probably no other way to go that affordable for some people.


Maybe Emerson? 

+1 on Emerson. 


I'd add Flyye gear as well. Most gear I've bought from them is decent mid-tier stuff. Nothing fancy, but on the better end of the repro stuff. Though you'll likely be dealing with shipping from Asia.

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I hear bad things about TMC, but if you could get Rasputin and Flyye gear that would be amazing. Flyye needs to be more accessible in the U.S.

Rasputin pretty much is TMC. TMC used to be worst of the worst but they've recently stepped up their game. Stitching has really improved, using real material (real multicam), and finally fixing their designs. 

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