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General DMR Questions From A New Player

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Hi all. I am new to the American Milsim community, and I just have a few questions regarding my preferred role as a DM


First off, the FPS limit for DMR is 450, but is there a buffer around that at all, or are they very strict with their limits? For example, my gun generally hits between 453-457, so will I need to adjust it?


Second, it says in the ruleset that no carbine-style weapons are allowed. My rifle is an SA58 OSW, with a solid stock and a suppressor to bring it up to DMR length. Would this qualify? Technically the rail/gas tube are still carbine length, but the overall length of the gun falls under DMR lengths.


Finally, I know that DM is a fairly popular role, should I worry about availability if I need to get my ticket fairly late?


Thanks in advance for your help!


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As there is no restrictions on optics I personally just play the rifleman role with a 2-7x32 a good hopup and well tuned gear box is much more helpful than the extra 50 fps. But yes if your gun shoots over the fps limit than it is a no go. Also they restrict not just the length of the barrel as not carbine length but it cant just be a carbine with a longer barrel as M4s are not allowed as a DMR either. On top of that you must not be able to fire full auto not just use semi only.

I dont really see the big benefit of running DMR as the only plus is the extra 50fps but at the cost of a MED and what gun you can use and that you have to make it semi only and non changeable.

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