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American MilSim
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Coalition Army Blunts Federal Advance

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Coalition Army Blunts Federal Line Advance

Wes Mantooth – FNN


In what Federal planners would be a "Shock and Awe" style blitzkrieg on the CoST forward deployment area "Shelby" turning into a 48 hour all out fight for survival.


Torrential rain eight hours prior to initiating contact with Coalition forces greatly reduced the Federal mechanized force effectiveness.  All major paved roads had been secured or heavily mined by the Coalition, forcing the Federal vehicles on gravel and dirt roads which became nearly impassable within the first few hours of the heavy rainfall.


Thick cloud coverage and Coalition anti-air also greatly limited any type of air support offered by UFS Army and Air Force aviators.


The Federal soldiers repeatedly defended off hit and run style attacks employed by Coalition troops as their mechanized convoys slowly headed to Shelby city to face the Coalition head on. Once in the city center Federal troops fought house to house, often engaging enemies just feet away.  However Coalition forces were too entrenched.  Lacking the advantage of surprise and violence of action Federal CENTCOM ordered their field commander to withdrew forces to avoid any further causalities.


FNN was able to track down one of the architects of the Federal offensive Major James Whitmore:


"They [CoST] wanted to drag us in, this was their plan. They had basically set the entire battle-space us as a kill box, if the weather had held we had a good change to break them. However the weather was a huge factor in hindering our "rapid" mobility. Our troops did an incredible job under the worst conditions to mitigate a disaster into a near victory. At the end of the day it came down from command to withdraw -- the risk vs. reward was just not great enough to put more Federal men and women in harms way."


Federal forces now prepare for their second offensive strike across Coalition lines as they look to liberate the former states of Oklahoma from all Coalition ground forces.

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Why would centcom be directing activities in the US  :rolleyes:

In the ongoing American Milsim scenario the US doesn't exist anymore. So the CENTCOM they are referring to would be the UFS CENTCOM which I imagine has nothing to do with the middle east and is probably not located at MacDill AFB. It's a milsim world gone insane I tell you.


That being said...CoST PRIDE!!!

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