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Federal Forces Extend the Front

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Federal Forces Extend the Western Front

Wes Mantooth – FNN


With the Federal imposed "media blackout" has been lifted, FNN is happy to report that Federal troops have routed the majority of all Coalition forces in the disputed territory of Oklahoma.


Currently all major Oklahoman metropolitan areas, airports and interstates are under Federal control. A new "Southern" line has been established to prevent any large Coalition movements back into the South and South Eastern sections of the form state.


While Federal authorities concede that the Southwestern border is still pours, there is "little worry" of major movement of Coalition forces through such a narrow gap.


Frank Williams a spokesperson for the Pentagon issued the following statement to the press:


"The New Logic is that we will set a pivot on our most Southwest flank and swing the gate into Southern Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas forces the Coalition forces to defend all along the axis."


Appears that this administration will give one last effort into breaking Coalition morale and at the very least "containing" the Coalition to the Southern regions of the United States.


We as a nation will face difficult decisions if this conflict does not end swiftly. With rumor spreading of legislation being drafted to reinstate the draft and an estimated cost of the "war" over 117 billion dollars "we" the people will be paying for over the next generation.


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