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Do I need to have body armor and or a chest rig cause I am on a tight budget and and I'm trying to keep the amount of money total for my equipment and gear under $500 and I don't have a chest rig or body armor and if I add it I'm over $500

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Aside from eye protection which is required what level of protection you use beyond that to protect yourself from getting shot is totally up to you. As for a chest rig, it isn't required but you will want something to carry your mags and various gear in. A chest rig will be cheaper than a plate carrier.

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Check flea markets and get an ALICE pistol belt and a few mag pouches. Won't cost you more than $20 or so. My question is what are you spending the rest of that money on? That's a sizable budget! You could also go with a Condor 6 mag chest rig, people make fun of Condor but it's cheap and it works, of course that's going to wind up being $40 or so. I promise not to make fun of you if you get a crossdraw from wal-mart. 

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Its my airsoft stuff and the ticket cause im just waiting for my last paycheck from work and see how much I get cause I was supposed to get $1600 for the summer and I got paid 31.40 my last paycheck cause we had less kids at the summer camp I work at so a bunch of people got weeks off

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You have 3 months to complete your load out and if money is an issue then I suggest a cheap load out to carry your magazines in and bb's in. You don't need a high dollar rig and if you join the buy sell pages on facebook you can pick up an inexpensive vest to help you out.

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Ron's right.

I have quite a bit of experience in this area, I airsofted on a budget for a while, and now my current employer trusts me with helping guys like you do the same pretty much on the daily.

You could definitely set up a full loadout that'd get the job done (it may not necessarily be what you want at the end of the day) for your 500 budget.

Assuming you're starting at zero kit of any kind (because any kit you do have saves you money)

You need to buy your ticket, that's 150. Which leaves you with about 350 for gun, gear etc.

You can get a totally serviceable AEG with battery and charger for under 200. We frequently sell the combat machines, but you have a TON of options. I've used the combat machines at AMS events (and larger milsim events before AMS was a thing) they hold up well. Nobody needs to be running a souped up ferrari of a gun to have a good time. So we'll start with this.

Combat machine package averages about 160. You'll want a spare battery and a good charger, which puts you right about 200.

Now your gun is squared away, you have 150 left for gear and safety equipment.

You have what I consider three basic needs during an airsoft game as they relate to your gear.

1. protect your eyes/face
2. Carry water.
3. Carry ammo.

Additionally, protecting your feet/ankles is important, and you should consider this too.

you can pick up a cheap totally functional pair of goggles from just about any retailer under the sun for under 20. if you need full face due to age, a full face mask is about the same price. Valken has some good offerings, lancer tactical goggles are great with a little anti-fog. I keep a spare set of the lancer goggles in my game-day bag in case something happens to one of my lenses for my m-frames, or i need to lend a pair out.


now we're at 130 bucks for all your other game day equipment.

two and three kind of go together, and you'll also need mags to toss in your vest, so i'll include these here.

Elite Force sells a ten pack of midcaps for 64 bucks. If you need more than that i'd be impressed.

So now we're at 66 bucks for gear.

Gryffon gear chest rig. 15 bucks. Built surprisingly well for the price. You just cannot beat it. it'll hold water bottles, it'll hold all your mags. If you pair it with a spare backpack (because who doesn't have one of those lying around) now you can carry literally ALL of the things you need, and have your mags available to you at a moments notice.

Alternatively, as Kolt and Ron have mentioned, surplus alice rigs. You can find these at most surplus stores, flea markets, or online. The surplus stores by me sell them for like 20 bucks, fitted with some pouches, and you can find extras for a couple dollars a piece.

So let's assume about 30-ish dollars for load bearing gear.

Now you have 30 bucks to spend on BB's (which is about what i go through in a typical AMS event, unless I run my LMG, and then Lord, help my wallet).


That's EVERYTHING you need to attend an AMS event outside of the uniform, and boots (which typically, if you're interested in milsim events, you'll already have).

now, this budget didn't keep in mind basic human needs like food, shelter, etc, but assuming your $500 total was budgeted purely for gameplay necessities, that'll do it. It won't be the prettiest loadout, it won't be the most high speed low drag Force Recon impression full of all the Crye Pursizzzzion gear-porn you've always dreamed of, but you don't NEED any of that crap to play.

True story, my first ever large scale Milsim event of the level of AMS games that i traveled out of state for (I'm from Texas) was Oklahoma invasion 6 many many years ago.

I played that game in a 20 dollar chest rig, and 40 dollar surplus bdu's, with 20 dollar boots from wal-mart.

I had a freaking blast. The experience is what makes the good time, not the gear. Don't worry about getting super expensive kit. Get what you need to have a good time and sling some BB's. I betcha a dollar that by the end of the game, you won't even be worried about the quality, price, or utility of your kit, cuz you had so much fun blastin badguys all weekend.

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