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Elite Force M4 4CRS

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I am planning on buying the Elite Force M4 4CRS and want to put an extended Inner barrel and mock suppressor on it, I was hoping I could get some input from experienced airsofters. I plan to use a red dot with a flip to side magnifier on it, my hope is the extended barrel will give me more range. I want this to be a jack of all trades sort of gun, good for field and cqb environments as from watching lots of AMS gameplay footage It seems a lot of AO's are very variable in ranges very fast. 


So would this be a good set up to cover all the bases so to speak? Also any input on what upgrades to run towards this goal would be much apprechaited since I do not want to blow my hard earned money on crap I do not need  

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Guest Specs

There are important things to consider before throwing a tightbore in any platform. 


1. For distance, the hopup/bucking/nub are where you want to focus.


2. Tightbores and barrel length typically effect accuracy over distance, and most barrel length beyond 540mm will hinder your distance. There's also a lot of argument as to barrel diameter. Most say that 6.03 is the magic number, but some still swear by the tight 6.01. Just do some forum searching on google to inform your choice. 6.01 can sometimes form a vacuum that decreases velocity, and 6.03 in my opinion gives just enough room for air around your bb's. If high accuracy is needed, you'll probably want to go for steel barrels over brass as they vibrate less. 


3. Be aware that a longer, tighter barrel will affect your FPS. Sometimes it drops, sometimes it rises. So you may need to do some other adjustments once it's in to keep in your role's limits. (Spring is usually your best bet there assuming you use an AEG platform.)

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