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Copperhead Refunds

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Back at the end of March beginning of April I messaged Rick and JP the message below trying to get a refund to copperhead as we had lost our jobs and were not able to attend and later messaged Frosty and Alex, but have yet to hear anything back. I'd appreciate it if you guys could assist as they seriously need their funds during these hard times or some response.



Tim "Cyper" Marin




We had some unfortunate schedule changes and myself, R3deemR and Khaos of SEISOPS will not be attending Copperhead. My ticket was redeemed from a raffle I won and would like to put it use elsewhere, but R3deemR and Khaos tickets were purchased...what do we need to do to obtain refund? Please advise. 


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Your best bet is to look into applying it to another op and selling it. I am going to try to go to RY this year if I'm able and I might be interested in buying it if it's a CoST ticket. I've been in that situation man, I know it's not pretty. Have these guys PM me and we can see about working something out. 

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Kolt, Sounds good if I can only get someone from AMS Respond...still waiting.


Cyper, mail the the details to [email protected] -- I don't recall ever seeing the original email (doesn't mean I didn't get it just might of gotten lost in the influx)


Per the AMS refund policy that is stated on each event's ticketing site:



What is the refund policy?


All Slot reservations ARE NON-REFUNDABLE!


If a player is unable to attend the event they will be ONLY credited their ticket price to any future AMS event within the same calendar year.

American MilSim only offers full event refunds to Military/LE personnel in the event they are called for deployment/training. Players seeking a refund will be required to provide their Federal/State issued Military or LE identification.


*Our troops always come first! Event time and date is subject to change for Military requirements. In case of time/date change event(s) will be rescheduled.

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