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Operation: Broken Car - My AAR

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Welp, sadly I must admit this is probably the last time I'm going to make it out to a Broken Home game for a few years and it is NO part due to the amazing staff and players, it's due to that damned state of Oklahoma!


Last year we had severe weather which effectively broke our tents, canopies, and soaked all of our gear. This year the weather canceled my beloved night game and on the trip there my rim on my car decided to come dangerously close to snapping away on the highway altogether effectively costing me $600 in emergency repairs that I didn't anticipate spending money on. 


I'm just convinced Oklahoma hates me to the core. I think, after some money and time spent I'm going to make a wonderful come back for like, Operation Broken Home 6 or something. Maybe an RV or a badass trailer. I was green with envy seeing all the super setups a lot of the guys had!


To maintain sanity we high tailed it out of there after the main Day evolution which made me sad but man was I glad to be home. 


The players this year were awesome! Cost and UFS alike were a bunch of bros this year and I really appreciate that. That's what makes this sport worth it for sure! The staff this year was organized, enthusiastic, and all around awesome dudes! 


I think me and my guys are going to try to find an AMS event a little closer to home in the coming months because you guys are what make worth braving the terrible weather worth it! Thanks for an awesome time and we will hopefully see you all soon!




My only critique for the game would have to be the 10 foot distance on the enemy vehicle rules. I won't go into detail but it made for some high tensions. If I were to make a suggestion I'd say something along the lines of "10 feet away from an ACTIVE vehicle" would make more sense. That way a rocketeer could disable the technical then the team could move in, take out the remaining crew, and maybe even search the crew? That and maybe having the vehicle struck by multiple rockets could kill the crew inside? I've played some battlefield and there's nothing more satisfying than hitting a tank with an RPG and getting all the badguys inside as well! Just my two cents! 


Again thanks for a great Saturday! I'm gonna go find a way to pay off this damn $600 car. Stupid car. :)

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