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I want to give the Staff and players at BH4 a HUGE thank you.

The Sat Game was a blast, in fact was the best time I've EVER had at an Airsoft event in my life.


Sadly i had to leave an Hour early on Sat. I received an Emergency Call that my Father had had a Stroke at 1600.

I want to give a HUGE thanks to both the COST and UFS players that where present when i got the call and helped me Rush to the COST TOC.

And another HUGE thanks to the staff at the COST TOC and Registration that dropped everything and rushed to ensure i had all my property and even my subdued patch before i left the D-Day grounds.

And Lasty one final Thank you to the gentleman that even cared enough to try and comfort me while i was stressing out about my Father.


I'm Sorry that I don't know the names of people so i can't give specific shout outs to these awesome people.


Not only was the game an awesomely epic time, but the Staff/Admins and players showed that they care about the players and people that attend even when it isn't Airsoft or injury related.

I will definitely be attending more AMS events in the future.

Fan for Life now.

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