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Little bit of Color Science for Uniform Selection

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We all know that Darker Colors Draw Sunlight to transfer to heat.


applying that to your Camo Selection for those that are Slated to 1 Faction ONLY, if its summer and your running Woodland type or od Green, your going to be about 30% hotter than those running Tan Based Camo.


so when choosing your patterns and factions, keep in mind based on the Temperature and environment. say (Referencing Copperhead) you play in a desert like environment, youll be 30% less hot if you wear tan base, instead of a green base. some of you may not notice the difference when your playing. another example.


2 Day event (Not neccesarily milsim and not as strict on Uniform, and you choose to alternate sides.) 


Day 1 your Green (Woodland, Marpat, ATACS FG and such)

Day 2 your Tan (Multi, Tri Col, ATACS AU, and so on)


(important to note);The same temperature on both days with the same predicted forecast with little wind. 


you can easily tell the difference. if you start feeling hotter, faster, while in Green then your camo selection is so much hotter.

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Bryan, please cite your source for "30%".  You need to take into consideration the hundreds of other variables that come into play for heat transfer, heat retention, thermal venting, etc.

A baggy ACU top is going to feel cooler than a tight one.  A 100% cotton combat shirt (lol) is going to suck far worse than a blended one.  The fabric itself will make a huge difference (summer vs winter weight uniforms).  Rolling sleeves up, buttoning all the way up, wearing a tight fitting cap, etc all make a huge difference.

I guess I don't really understand the purpose of this thread.  Green camo sucks?  UFS airsofters are 30% cooler than CoST airsofter? (hardly B) ).  Your comment that some will not notice is pretty weird as well... If it's a 90'F day, you're saying green guys will feel it to be 120'F opposed to tans 90'F?  What about reflective properties of tan uniforms?  Wouldn't they feel cooler?

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Guest Specs

Dave has a good point with combat tops and the like. That 30% would greatly decrease when the pattern is only centric to the arms/shoulders and upper torso area. Not to mention gear color in itself. With a plate carrier, the surface area of the pattern exposed to the sun is lessened a great deal.

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Darker colors absorb more heat. Gotcha. Tan uniforms show up better in the jungles of Oklahoma. Aren't most guys in T-shirts before the weekend's out anyway?
Since I like my camouflage to actually work and I have reflective pasty white boy skin I usually just leave the sleeves unbuttoned and roll it to the mid forearm and paint my arms. 
Consider pocketting a small towel or similar item for a sweat rag. 
I don't use a plate carrier because it traps heat on your core. That's just me. 
DRINK WATER RIGHT NOW! (you should have been drinking water a week ago, too). 
Have fun, mentlegens. 

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while this is a not a direct Comparison to Coloration of Uniform, it makes a certain percentage of my post correct 




But it does not Confirm the HUMAN Element. this is just Sitting in the sun. not calculating movement.

And regardless what i mention about said uniform, no camo sucks unless its proven not to work (LIKE ACU) 


i like MC and M81. i may even consider using ATACS FG. but im not sure yet.

Makes me feel worse when i think about the guys in black for FGs D.A.M. Opfor 

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That would be a 23% difference according to your latest information, not 30%.  Can you please cite where you got 30% from?  

ACU is not a camo pattern - I assume you mean UCP, which is a great pattern for which it was designed for - urban areas.

Don't take this the wrong way, but it sounds like you're making this up as you go  Not a bad thread, just using incorrect data.

Your main argument was that tan and green (let's say Multicam and M81, UCP isn't authorized and those are the main patterns) have vast differences between felt temperatures because the multicam is much lighter (in color) than the woodland.  Well... let's look at a basic color analysis of the two swatches:





So, it would appear to come down to the difference of heat absorption between a (blended) medium faded yellow and medium faded orange... 

Note: This "color swatch test" is pretty ambiguous but it does point out what I'm trying to get at - the two patterns aren't far off from each other as far as hue and saturation.  A more accurate analysis of the multicam would be better to really explain its color discrepancies, but this will do for now.

Next step: determine what specific color attributes affect heat absorption and model where "Medium Faded Yellow" and "Medium Faded Orange" would fall on that spectrum.


Yes, I really am that bored at work.

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