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Coalition Gain Morale and Ground on Federals

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Coalition Gain on Federals

Wes Mantooth – FNN


A harsh reality was dealt to Federal forces on the cold, windy plains of New Mexico. That "reality" was that the current Federal administration's "all-out offensive" had no hope of bringing closure to this conflict which has gripped the country for the last four years.


Not only has this administration failed to defeat a smaller, less organized and equipped Coalition force, but by the very actions of failed aggression, have fostered nothing but sympathy for the succeeded states. Federal strategists assumed a successful defense of the New Mexico territory by Coalition forces would only result in a pyrrhic victory and a second offensive would finally break the Coalition's will. 


However, rumors say that nothing could be further from the truth. The victory won by the Coalition has not only boosted morale and support for the secessionists, but it has also swayed the state legislation of California to publicly lend support to the Coalition. Federal planners are now concerned the California senate might vote for secession in the fall. 


So emboldened by their victory, the Coalition have set their sights on the former Oklahoma territory currently under Federal control. Numerous sightings of Coalition light armor vehicles have been reported by the civilian populace in Northeast and Southeast Oklahoma. This is quite far advanced from any Coalition lines or controlled area.


The Defense Department declined an interview citing operational security, but acknowledged increased Coalition activity in the Oklahoma territory stating "it did not pose a threat to current defensive positions."


It is the opinion of this reporter that we need to replace the current administration, or remove all constraints on what our Federal forces are allowed to do in the theater of operations.  Take the gloves off already, Mr. President! Bring this conflict to an end!


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