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If you know that your weapon is shooting hot, that is what is typically referred to as breaking the rules, or cheating.  If you know that your gun is shooting hot, there is typically plenty of time to get it corrected.  The rules should serve as a guide for you to mold yourself around, not an instance for us to mold ourselves around you with an exception. 

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Guest Specs

Like the others mentioned above. ^^^ FPS is a no budging policy at AMS events.


If it comes down to shooting hot at the event, I'd try to be familiar with getting into your gearbox. If you do decide to cut your spring, try to avoid heating it as that will affect the spring's output and ability to retain it's strength. Typically each coil roughly equals 5-10 FPS. So 2-3 coils would be roughly what you need if 10 over the limit. Always be sure to bend the end you cut to a perfectly flat circle however. If you leave it as is after cut, it will put all it's force on one pinpoint spot, which will damage your gearbox.


You could also invest in a slightly weaker spring and do a swap, which is the safer route if you aren't confident in your DIY skills.

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