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Hey, Y'all we are excited to be a Broken Home again this year. We will have a raffle for 3 different packages for every $25 you spend you will get 1 raffle ticket. 


PRE-ORDERS can be emailed to [email protected]


Some Items we will have are followed


.20/.25/.28/.32 Elite Force Bio BB's will be $20 


Enola Gaye Smoke Multiple Colors


small wire pull 

1-$8 a piece 

2-$7 a piece ($14)

5-$6 a piece ($30)

11 and up $5 a piece



1-$16 a piece

2-$15 a piece ($30)

3-$14 a piece ($42)

5-$13 a piece ($65)


2" ace bandage  2 for $3**** Price Drop :)


Nuprol Gas $18



LBX Combat Shirt and Pants Combo $100


We will have most all common needed batteries charged and ready to go


Tax will be a flat rate based on OK rates


AMS Black card is accepted and We offer military discount of 10% with valid ID

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great ,because worst case scenario I will have to end up buying and m16/m4 rear wired aeg from you for its gearbox because mine is junk right now and Im tired of throwing money at it and the closer to next friday the more money I am tempted to throw...... why wont it love me? :lol:

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Sorry guys no TAGINN products. Have issues with the distributor I have to purchase from and they will not sell to me direct due to an exclusivity agreement. blah blah lots of business issues. Point is I am sorry.


There are 25 is a case if I remember correctly. I'm not at the shop so I cannot be 100% correct. I know the whole box is 50 and I believe they have 2 cases in them. 


We will have throat mics for most common comms as well as PTT. Sorry I am unable to email you a full list. To much to get done. If you email me with the specific comm you are interested in I can tell you if I have something that will work. 


Thank y'all

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