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OBH4 Communication Matrix

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Operation: Broken Home IV Communication Matrix












* Faction Command will assign Frequencies as they see fit - FLAT or SUB'd, please check with your Squad leader, Platoon/Company Leader and command staff on you specific frequency to use.


** If your squad plans on running custom frequency in the VHF/UHF range you MUST CLEAR IT WITH American MilSim STAFF FIRST!



Frequency Format Example:

Channel Type Frequency


American Milsim Staff and Logistics


1 American Milsim Staff / 911 - Emergency (FRS/GMRS CHANNEL 1 462.5625)

2 American Milsim Staff / OPFOR (FRS/GMRS CHANNEL 2 462.5875)




United Federal State


Federal Command Repeater Frequency -- Classified

Federal Command Secondary Frequency -- Classified


3 - FRS/GMRS  - 462.6125


5 - FRS/GMRS - 462.6625


7 - FRS/GMRS - 462.7125


9 - FRS - 467.5875


11 - FRS - 467.6375


13 - FRS - 467.6875


15 - GMRS - 462.5500


17 - GMRS - 462.6000


19 - GMRS - 462.6500


21 - GMRS - 462.7000





Coalition of Sovereign Territories


Coalition Command Repeater Frequency -- Classified

Coalition Command Secondary Frequency -- Classified


4 - FRS/GMRS - 462.6375


6 - FRS/GMRS - 462.6875


8 - FRS - 467.5625


10 - FRS - 467.6125


12 - FRS - 467.6625


14 - FRS - 467.7125


16 - GMRS - 462.5750


18 - GMRS - 462.6250


20 - GMRS - 462.6750


22 - GMRS - 462.7250

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EW War Crime Value

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I will say that especially at this event, you need to clear freq's outside of the standard FRS channels.  We will have a lot of squads running channels outside of the standard FRS channels, and you don't want to have two groups on the same channel.  If there are two groups on the same channel, then the one that cleared the freq will have priority, other wise we will start issuing war crime deductions for the group that didn't get the freq cleared.


Please submit these freq's to JP so that he can track them.

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Probably not hte place for it but what kind of repeater setups are ya'll going to be running. Just curious. I've got a repeater in a box setup for EMCOMMs that uses 2 Baofengs ran into a small duplexer to an external antenna.

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   What type of radios are needed. I have a simple 2 way hand radios. Is there a way to use these in the game. It says it has 14 channels, but I'm unfamiliar with comms in milsim in general.


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Gents, I highly suggest you go through your SL/PL/CC/restofcommandstaff to get your answers to your questions about assigned frequencies. If you are UFS Feel free to send me a message and I can help get you figured out.  If you are CoST, I can't help ya, sorry.  :)


As for the type of radio needed, you need either a commercial UHF radio that can cover 460-470Mhz and you can program, or a consumer grade FRS/GMRS handheld radio that has subchannels should do fine. 


Many guys will recommend the Baofeng UV5R which will meet all our needs and then some, and is fairly cheap to boot.



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